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5 Ways To Treat Dry Skin In Dogs

Dogs are great to have around, but sometimes they get under the weather. It doesn’t always have to be a major illness, but a condition that is irritating and annoying. That is the case with dry skin. Your four-legged amigo may develop a case of it and that can drive your pet half crazy. You need not sit and watch, but can do something about it. Here are a couple of ways to take care of the dry skin your dog may have.

Dog With Dry Skin

1. A little dose of vitamin E

This doesn’t need to be taken internally and vitamin E oil can be applied directly to the affected skin area. A little massage and perhaps a soak in the bathtub with vitamin E oil in the water can have that skin back in healthy condition rather quickly. Should you decide to give the vitamin E to your pet internally, you have to be careful. Different breeds of dogs require unique dosages of the vitamin. A veterinarian can tell you will be the proper amount.
2. Try some olive oil

Doctors encourage humans to a little olive oil in their food. It has some great benefits for dogs as well. All it takes is about a tablespoon of olive oil several times a week. The flaky skin should go away after a little while and your dog is left with a very shiny coat. Omega – 3 fatty acids are also a good way to combat dry skin. As with vitamin E, check with the veterinarian to see what the proper amount should be included in your dog’s food.
3. Grooming is extremely important

It can be the little things that cause the problem and the little things can be quickly corrected. Dirt and the oil which builds up in your dog’s coat can cause some of the skin problems you are worried about. Grooming includes brushing the coat carefully on a routine basis. That is going to allow the natural oils that are part of the dog’s body to be evenly distributed. It means that there is no oil buildup in one area that can cause skin problems to develop. Matting is something that can lead directly to dry skin. The grooming sees to it that the matting is removed and that skin is better able to receive the air that it needs.
4. Keep an eye out for the weather

This is both inside and outside for your pet. Dry skin can be made worse with low humidity. When the weather gets cold this winter it is not a bad idea to keep the dog inside as much is possible. The indoor weather can be just as dry, however. That is why investing in a humidifier is going to help your pet avoid problems with dry skin.
Dog Inside Bathtub
5. Bathing the right way

Everyone wants to have a clean pooch, but don’t overdo it. Set a routine and once established take a look at the shampoo. The shampoo should not be the ones that you use. Dogs may have thick coats but they are thinner skin than you have. The wrong pH level can cause serious skin problems for your animal. The right type of after bath conditioning spray can help by softening and moisturizing the skin of your dog.
All of the above are essential home remedies that you can use on your dog’s dry skin. It is also possible that the dog is having an allergic reaction to something. Arranging for a trip to the veterinarian is going to help in creating a strategy for taking care of the dry skin. The good thing about this is we are not talking any major surgery or therapy. In most cases it just requires using one or two of the above suggestions to get the dry skin off of your dog.
Incidentally, the fact that your pet has dry skin does not make you a bad doggie parent. This is a common condition that dogs will have and it isn’t life-threatening. It is simply a pain for the animal and needs to be corrected. The right food supplements or greater attention to grooming and bathing will be sure to have your dog back with healthy skin in no time. The treatments may result in a very nice-looking coat on that sweet little buddy of yours. That is a nice side benefit to treating the dry skin.

10 thoughts on “5 Ways To Treat Dry Skin In Dogs

  1. Mona Barrie

    Thank you for posting! I have my own dog and know better how the situation is. Dry skin can be influenced not only by environmental factors, but also by diet. There are many reasons of dry skin but getting to the root cause is the only way to treat it effectively.

    1. admin

      Well said Mona about the root cause. Sincerely, every disease can be treated if we know the root cause of it. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Andrew Anderson

    Good one. Well, I adopted two dogs and both of them possess very super sensitive skin as well as good digestive tracts. I tried almost all type of dog foods but still my dogs suffered from itchiness. So, I started cooking for them and what I felt is that my beloved dogs started getting better within a week.

    And yes, you have mentioned correctly about the olive oil. Normally, every dog loves to eat olive oil and it is very good for their skin too.

    1. admin

      Thanks for sharing your experience and I really appreciate your dedication towards pets. Do visit again and share your views.

  3. Galen Russell

    Just like human being animals also have different types of skin. In accordance to skin type special treatment is needed. For dry skin, vitamin E is the best solution and olive oil is also effective. Truly relevant points are well described here.

    Dry skin may be caused by bacterial infection or canine distemper or due to some other reasons so it is better to have a visit to the veterinarian. But preferring medicine for all the time is not a good idea so I would be glad if some home remedies will be posted here.

  4. Charlie Mendela

    Dry skin in dogs creates problem for them and the reason behind is vitamin deficiency. Well a pet owner should always be careful for his dog’s healthy diet. It’s really an uncomfortable situation for them and you will surely notice changed behavior in them. The first thing an owner should do is to detect first whether it’s dry skin or allergy and then after should go for treatment accordingly.
    These 5 tips you have mentioned are quite effective but I would like to add few more home remedies here:

    1. Try apple cider vinegar.
    2. Clean your dog’s ears with white vinegar.
    3. Change your dog’s diet to a natural one.
    4. Bathe your dog regularly.
    5. Apply herbal topical.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the reply Charlie. You have really observed the things over here and your comment suggesting that you are very much aware of dog care.

  5. Prince Reynolds

    Hello! Myself Prince! I am tired of taking care of my doggie but still cannot find any improvement on its dry skin. In spite of the following all possible home remedies still it has not been managed properly. I’ll follow your tips of applying olive oil; hope it will be useful for me. Please provide few more tips to treat with his dry skin.

    1. admin

      First of all Prince thanks to you for the feedback. Feeling very sad knowing that your dog is not recovered yet. Yes, you can try the Olive oil. But, tell you one thing you please to any nearest Vet and tell him/her in details.


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