• Pet Insurance: Taking Care of That Special Little Friend

    Posted on December 27, 2013 by Doctor Ron
    Years ago pets were primarily used to guard the home and keep the mice at bay. They were not considered good for much else than that, but those days have gone. Pets are more part of the family than ever before. People who are single and without children cherish their pets and appreciate the unconditional love they receive from their little buddies. Families feel the same way and the health of pets is important to them. Pet insurance helps with any animal related medical costs that may happen.   Little… Read More
  • Poor Dental Hygiene Problem in Pets & How to Avoid it

    Posted on December 13, 2013 by Doctor Ron
    You would never consider going years without brushing your teeth and yet many dogs never get their teeth brushed or any real attention paid to their dental hygiene until it is too late. Like people, dogs build up plaque on their teeth from the foods they eat. Their diets tend to be better balanced than many human diets so they get sufficient calcium and vitamin D to keep their teeth reasonably strong but gingivitis and plaque are still an issue that needs to be dealt with.     Poor Dental… Read More