• The Benefits of Training

    Posted on January 30, 2014 by Doctor Ron
    There are lots of obvious benefits to training your dog including having a well-mannered pet that is easy to live with and easy to travel with. Although it may not seem it on the surface, there are lots of health benefits to training as well. A well trained dog is more likely to live a long and healthy life than his untrained friends.   Easier to Examine   A well trained and properly socialized pet is much easier for your vet to examine and far less difficult for you to… Read More
  • Symptoms of Food Allergies in Pets

    Posted on January 14, 2014 by Doctor Ron
    When the body has an immune reaction to a substance it is called an allergic reaction. Allergies occur in all types of people and animals, including pets like dogs and cats. Unfortunately, unlike in people, there are no direct tests for allergies in your pet. Instead allergies tend to be diagnosed by eliminating other possible causes of the symptoms. Different animals will present with different symptoms. The signs of allergy in cats are not necessarily the same as the symptoms in dogs. If your pet is showing any of the… Read More