• Importance of Sunscreen for Outdoor Pets

    Posted on May 31, 2014 by Doctor Ron
    It is the fear of melanoma that makes most people use sunscreen religiously. Skin cancer is known to be potentially fatal, and people are very careful about the sun’s rays. It may seem rather odd but sunscreen is also extremely important for pets, especially those who are outdoors most of the time.   Animals are susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. Those that are most vulnerable are animals with either light or nonexistent coats of hair and those who have naturally white coats. It may seem peculiar that animals which… Read More
  • Spring Health Tips For Your Cats

    Posted on May 14, 2014 by Doctor Ron
      Your tabby is probably no different than the rest of the family when it comes to the weather. The little kitty has probably been staring out the window for weeks wondering when all the snow will go away. Well, warm breezes are now floating through the air and the cold weather is gone. Your cat is probably getting more active and wants to go outside. Spring is a great time of the year but is also important to lookout for the health of your pet. There are few things… Read More