• Pet Insurance: Why Every Pet Owner Should Go for It

    Posted on March 31, 2015 by Doctor Ron
    Some people think that buying health insurance for pets is a bit much. Yes, everybody loves their little friend, but why pay the premiums on an insurance policy for an animal that at most will live 15 years? The reason actually goes to the heart of the relationship between a pet and its owner. Pets give unconditional love and in the lives of some lonely people that means a lot. Even for other pet owners the animal is a very special member of the family. Health insurance is there to… Read More
  • Tips to Choose the Best Pet for Your Kid

    Posted on March 5, 2015 by Doctor Ron
    A young child and a pet seem to be an almost irresistible combination. It is the stuff of Norman Rockwell paintings and has a real sentimental value to it. That is great but it is not always reality. Pets and children are supposed to be able to mingle but that does not always happen. It is important to match the child up with the right type of pet.     Have a dog not a puppy Regarding dogs, a bad combination is a puppy and a small child. Puppies are… Read More