• How to Prepare Your Pet for a Long Road Trip

    Posted on June 30, 2015 by Doctor Ron
    Summer vacations often include taking long trips. Your pet is part of the family and you do not want it to stay in a kennel while everyone else goes on the road. It is perfectly natural to have your pet go with you but you have to be ready for it. The little buddy is going to require a few things to make that long trip more endurable. Importance of vaccinations You do not want to have the animal come down with an illness far from home. A call to… Read More
  • You Can’t Simply Avoid These Summer Pet Care Tips

    Posted on June 13, 2015 by Doctor Ron
    Summer is just about to happen and you are no doubt looking forward to vacation and wonderful days in the sun. You want to spend a little more time with your pets and they will no doubt appreciate the attention. As a pet owner you need to be paying very close attention to your little buddy’s well-being during the hot months. Animals can’t tell you their problems and you have to be very observant. There are a few overall tips you should remember when it comes to taking care of… Read More