• A Complete Guide to Dog Bathing

    Posted on December 22, 2016 by Doctor Ron
    Do you face any issues in bathing your dog? Don’t worry here is a the perfect guide to help you out. Busted Myths of dog bathing The natural oil of the coat is removed after bathing: This to some extent is true. Anyway, the oil can be restored using a good conditioner. Only the groomers provide a Proper dog bath: It’s true that a professional bath would be great but almost every pet owner is able to give such a good bath unless his dog is quite uncontrollable or he… Read More
  • Pet Care Lessons for Kids

    Posted on December 9, 2016 by Doctor Ron
    Has your child been begging to get a puppy or a kitten for Christmas or their birthday? Taking on a new pet is full of responsibility and there are some very important lessons you’ll want to teach your children about caring for their new pets. This will come in handy for any pets in general that your children may come in contact with. The first thing a child will have to learn, especially if they are rambunctious and getting a new puppy or kitten, is to be gentle, just as… Read More