• Common Health Issues in Cats

    Posted on September 18, 2017 by Doctor Ron
    In Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Thousand Oaks areas of southern California, the number of cat owners has gone up in recent years, making it even more of a pertinent issue to talk about cat health. Like any other animal, cats have a distinct set of health problems that they face more often than other animals. While cats can generally live long, healthy lives, cat owners should know some of the most frequent issues that their kitty friends may face in their lifetime so that they can best prepare for what… Read More
  • Safety Tips for Pets During Road Trips

    Posted on September 5, 2017 by Doctor Ron
    Going on vacations requires plenty of preparation; packing, securing the house, reserving a hotel, and getting the car ready for a long drive, are a few typical considerations. Another major consideration for most people is whether they will bring their furry friends along for the ride or not. Bringing your pets on long road trips with you requires another level of preparation beyond what is required of a normal vacation. Animals aren’t always as comfortable in the car as we imagine, but it is our job as pet owners to… Read More