• Watch for These Signs of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections in Dogs

    Posted on January 26, 2021 by Doctor Ron
    Every dog owner knows that dogs love us unconditionally, and they make our lives more joyful with every passing day. This is why it is incredibly important to understand how to keep your dog safe, including from antibiotic-resistant infections that can occur. If you think your dog might have an antibiotic-resistant infection, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency in order to get diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Offering our expertise and services to Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, and areas nearby Ventura County,… Read More
  • The Danger of the “Mad Itch” Pseudorabies Virus in Dogs by Expert Vet in Simi Valley

    Posted on January 10, 2021 by Doctor Ron
    For a long time, dogs have been considered man’s best friend. Dogs are companions that give unconditional love and attention. These are qualities that we reward with love, care, and protection. Most dog owners provide care to their dogs as if he or she was their own child so it can be a difficult time when a dog gets sick. One virus that is uncommon but important to know is Pseudorabies, because it is invariably fatal. As a pet owner, knowing about the Pseudorabies virus will leave you more prepared… Read More