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  • A Complete Guide to Dog Bathing

    Do you face any issues in bathing your dog? Don’t worry here is a the perfect guide to help you out.

    Busted Myths of dog bathing

    • The natural oil of the coat is removed after bathing: This to some extent is true. Anyway, the oil can be restored using a good conditioner.
    • Only the groomers provide a Proper dog bath: It’s true that a professional bath would be great but almost every pet owner is able to give such a good bath unless his dog is quite uncontrollable or he is physically disable.
    • Use a dryer to dry a dog: This is not so always as a dog can easily dry up in your warm home or under the sun.
    • Regular dog bath is not required: Till now there is no hard and fast reply to the frequency of a dog bath. In reality, it depends on the breed of dog you have. You can also contact with the vet to get advice for your breed.
    • Flea shampoo is beneficial: Flea shampoo contains harsh and harmful chemicals. Although, these drive away the fleas but are harmful. Even if the dog has fleas an all rounder shampoo must be used.
    • Dog don’t prefer to bath: Not every dog does that.

    Sad Dog Sitting in the Bath Tub

    Signs your dog needs a bath

    These signs call for a bath for your dog:

    • Your dog has dandruff.
    • You dog throws a bad smell.
    • Fleas, lice or mites are found in your dog’s coat.
    • You trace an allergy in your dog.
    • Your dog drags his back across your carpet.
    • Has left muddy or dirty footprints in your house.

    Correct Frequency of your Dog Bath

    In general, if you ask your vet he would suggest that a dog should be bathed when necessary like when smelling, dirty and other causes mentioned above. Still, this varies for different dogs in various conditions. Some suggest bathing the dog once a month using a dog shampoo. They also say that if you are bathing a dog more than once a month, then use a soap free or moisturizing shampoo. However, the frequency should not exceed once a week. You can also decide this based on these factors:

    • Your dog is suffering from itchy skin: In this case, weekly bathing can cure the issue.
    • Whether your dog lives outdoors or indoors or sleeps on your bed: In the case, your dog lives indoors and cuddles with you on your bed then you must bath him regularly like once in a week or once in a month as per the breed.
    • Your dog breed: Hard coated breeds can afford to be washed once a month and soft-coated breeds must be washed once a week.
    • Are you or any family member allergic to a dog? If yes then bathe him as often as possible.

    How to bathe your dog?

    • Draw your dog to the bath place.
    • Walk steadily towards the bathing tub/place. Don’t rush.
    • Make him feel that something positive is going to happen.
    • When near to the tub, get hold of him and put toys in the tub but don’t splash water.
    • If it’s a cold time then first put some warm water on him to make him comfortable.
    • Then adjust the water to normal temperature as a dog should not be bathed in warm water.
    • Then treat him with a snack in the tub to cooperate with you further.
    • Gather all the supplies you need including a brush, a skin friendly shampoo, towel, etc.
    • Trim his nails, put cotton bud inside his ears, remove ticks or any sticky things stuck in the fur and remove the collar.
    • Start pouring the water and wet whole of your dog’s body with water.
    • Apply shampoo and put a bit water to it. Use your hands to rub the shampoo well to lather it. Don’t use shampoo for face rather just wipe the dirty face with a wet cloth.
    • You can make some funny acts with the lather and your dog to involve him.
    • Rinse off your dog with running water by rubbing gently unless clear water comes out of your dog’s body.
    • Then wipe him well with a towel and make him wander about under the sun for some time.

    Dog Bath

    After bath dog care

    After your dog has been bathed, wiped and completely dry here are some after bath chores you need to do:

    • Comb your dog’s coat gently.
    • Give some food to him. It would be well enough to serve his favorite recipe.
    • Remove the Cotton buds from his ears and clean his ears. You can use an ear cleaner to gently wipe out the dirt.
    • Clear the tear build-up with coconut oil or the colloidal silver.

    Wrap Up

    This piece would be quite helpful for those who really find bathing a dog like reaching the moon. Get your dog washed properly and have a good time with your special one.

    posted on December 22, 2016 at 1:00 pm by Doctor Ron