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  • Benefits of Installing a Pet Door

    Our pets swiftly become a part of our family—they entertain us, provide us with stability, and are involved in our everyday lives. Most of all, our pets bring us immense joy. We tend to view them as people, with human-like characteristics such as desire, love, and ambition. While many people tend to disagree with the notion that pets “are people too,” that does not negate the fact that pet owners tend to treat their animals just as they would their own children, derived from the same love and care that simply comes with the territory. We want our pets to experience the same joy and freedom that we do in our daily lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant; the freedom to breathe fresh air, smell the flowers, and feel the sunshine are privileges that we take for granted everyday—but not our animals; they stand in the breeze, they sniff every plant, and they bask in the sun with every opportunity that presents itself—so why deny our animals that opportunity simply because we are unavailable to open the door for them? Installing a pet door comes with many benefits, besides some of the already mentioned bonuses of experiencing the great outdoors.

    Pet Door

    It provides them freedom

    While we may choose freely to remain indoors and live a sedentary lifestyle by our own free will, animals do not usually have that luxury. Often they depend on us to give them the chance to simply be “animals” by letting them outside. They were meant to chase bugs, lizards, gophers, and adapt to the world around them. Installing a pet door is easy, and relatively inexpensive. You no longer need to be sure that you have open the door and allowed your animal go outside when they need to go to the “bathroom.” The convenience that a pet door affords a busy family is immense; animals, particularly dogs, should be let outside to roam, play, or do their business every few hours, which can be easily forgotten in the midst of a busy day. Imagine being kept from a toilet or locked inside for any extended period of time; you would go insane, or likely have an accident.

    It makes them healthier & agile

    Because pet doors are a cheap and convenient way to give your animal more freedom, you no longer have to be responsible for ensuring that they’ve been given substantial bathroom breaks throughout the day. Furthermore, it promotes activity that will overall make your pet healthier and more agile. Just like humans, animals thrive off of productivity and can become depressed when they are not fulfilling a duty of some kind. For cats this may be chasing lizards and bugs, for dogs this may be hunting gophers or playing with a toy. When we give our animals more freedom to roam, they are generally happier and healthier. This takes some of the burden off of pet owners to do the work of entertaining and exercising their animals, and makes pet ownership a little easier.

    Some important factors to consider

    Dog Door

    A pet door is a great answer to the issues that pet ownership may bring, and it is a simple solution at that; although, there are a few things that you will want to look into before you go ahead with the process of installing a pet door. Firstly, make sure that you establish what purpose the pet door is serving you and your pets; are you allowing them to roam free even when you are not home? Are you concerned about the security of your home when you are not there? Do you have a fenced-in yard that your pet will be safe in while unattended? Are there any poisonous plants that your pet could get into while outdoors? These are questions that pose some much-needed precautions to be taken before you decide on what type of pet door to install, and how you will manage your pet’s coming and going activity. A pet door is a great solution to issues you may be encountering with your own pet, but make sure you find a company that can help answer some of these questions for you, and help you find the solutions that work best for you and your pet.

    posted on April 25, 2017 at 10:36 am by Doctor Ron