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  • Can Cats Get Humans Sick?

    There are so many old wives tales about cats doing harm to humans. Whether it is black cats crossing the path or cats sucking the life out of babies, these really are not much more than fairytales. However, a cat owner has to understand that animals can carry viruses and germs. These may be harmful to the person’s health and are owed some attention. Knowing ahead of time what some of the illnesses a cat can accidentally give its owner aids in prevention.

    Disease transfer agents


    Cat Treatment

    They are known as zoonotic diseases and they are transferred from cats to humans. The transmission may come from contact with forms of cat secretion. These can be either excrement or saliva. An infected cat can also contaminate water or food. Perhaps the most common agent of disease transfer are ticks and fleas found on the animal. Here are some of the more common cat to owner infections.
    Salmonellosis. This will cause diarrhea and stomach pain. The bacteria can be transferred through the cats feces;
    Roundworm infection. This can result from being in contact with contaminated ground. Children in particular are vulnerable;
    Giardiasis. This can develop from contaminated water;
    Toxoplasmosis. Cats will become infected from wild animals that are eaten, and parasites will show up in excrement. People can become infected through contaminated ground, sandboxes, or any place where cat has left feces;
    Rabies. This is common with dogs as well and rabies vaccinations are required by law in many states. It is transmitted through a bite and is fatal.

    Steps to prevent the disease from being transferred

    These diseases cause various levels of discomfort in a human being. An owner needs to know of the hygienic practices that should be followed to prevent the disease from being transferred. Washing hands prior to eating, especially after handling cats is one way to curb the risk of infection. While having a cat lick your face sounds awfully sweet, the cat may be transferring bacteria in the process. The same is true for cats licking for utensils and plates.
    Cats Can Harm Human
    Cats will become infected while being in the outdoors. It comes from rodents they eat or soil contaminated with the various bacteria. It may be worthwhile to have a cat indoors as much the time as possible. The litter boxes have to be viewed as potential sources of infection. Consequently, litter boxes should be cleaned of cat droppings on a routine basis, and cleaned with detergent and hot water regularly. It is always important to have gloves on while tending to the litter box. Children play in sandboxes that may also be used by the cats for defecation. To prevent that from happening the sandbox ought to be covered when the children are not playing it.

    Visit a veterian

    Medical attention for cats should not be ignored. Veterinary checkups are important and there should be fecal exams administered as part of the routine. Sick cats should not be allowed to go unattended. It is better to pay for a veterinary visit than suffer possible health consequences. A cat should be inspected for ticks and fleas, with proper controls to prevent these pests from spreading disease to the animal. Cat bites are serious. If an owner is bitten by his or her care, it should be examined as soon as possible to determine chance of infection.
    Kitten Care
    Food is something that can give the cat an infection. This means that commercially processed food instead of raw meat, ought to be given to the cat. Having the cat indoors means less chance of the cat preying on an infected rodent or bird.

    Keep both cat & family safe

    The average house cat is certainly not a menace or major health threat. Yet, it can carry viruses that will harm it owner. These are pets that can accidentally transferred to a human bacteria that can lead to sickness. Ordinarily, this is diarrhea, or an upset stomach. It is critical to see to it that any cat has its proper vaccinations. This will see to it that parasites such as ringworm are not going to pose a threat to the family. The health of the cat is important to its well-being. It is also true that is important for the health and safety of the humans who own it. Understandings with the diseases are and how to prevent keeps both cat and family safe from illness.

    posted on December 23, 2014 at 3:49 pm by Doctor Ron