• Top 5 Essential Nutrients Required by Dogs

    Posted on March 18, 2021 by Doctor Ron
    As a dog owner, you need to be able to take proper care of your dog. Failure to do so might jeopardize the health of your beloved pet companion. An important part of taking care of your dog is knowing the nutritional needs of your dog. Let’s take a look at some nutrients that will improve your dog’s quality of life. What You Need to Know About Dog Feeding Habits Dogs are primarily carnivorous, but they have adapted to more omnivorous feeding habits due to their intestinal makeup and dental… Read More
  • Tips for Choosing Healthy Puppy Food From an Experienced Veterinarian in Simi Valley

    Posted on August 2, 2020 by Doctor Ron
    Good health in puppies plays a significant role in how they will be affected as adults. Just as infant humans cannot eat their parent’s’ food, puppies should not eat adult dog food and expect to maintain good health. All puppies grow their fastest within the first 6 months. Dogs from smaller breeds develop almost to full size within the 1st year of life. Large breed dogs take a little longer to reach total growth at around 18 to 24 months, although their growth for the first six months is more… Read More
  • Best Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs From Experienced Vets in Simi Valley

    Posted on May 22, 2020 by Doctor Ron
    At Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital and Emergency, we care about your pets just as much as you do. We know that some dogs have sensitive stomachs, and that it means they need special care from both their pet owners and vets. Knowing the best kind of food to feed dogs with sensitive stomachs as well as having the support and knowledge of a team of experts behind you can help ensure your dog stays healthy and happy. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from sensitive stomachs for a variety of… Read More
  • Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs From the Best Veterinarian in Simi Valley

    Posted on April 3, 2020 by Doctor Ron
    Dogs with sensitive stomachs will skip meals. They may vomit and have diarrhea unexpectedly. They usually go back to being their normal selves right away, but the symptoms often return for no apparent reason. If your dog is experiencing these symptoms, they may have a sensitive stomach and need their diet changed. If you believe that your dog has a sensitive stomach, the first thing you should do is visit your veterinarian. We can perform a physical and fecal examination. These tests and procedures will help confirm that your dog… Read More
  • Best Appetite Stimulants for Dogs From the Expert Veterinarian in Simi Valley

    Posted on January 9, 2020 by Doctor Ron
    A dog is truly man’s best friend, closest confidant, and giver of unconditional love and support. Your canine companion is a member of your family, and when they don’t feel well, it’s important to identify and treat the problem. Just like humans, dogs may fall victim to a decrease in appetite or become disinterested in their food. While a day or two of this activity may not be cause for concern, prolonged issues with eating or appetite can lead to serious consequences. Luckily, below are several ways that you can… Read More
  • Life Stage Diets for Pets – Expert Suggestions From the Best Vet in Simi Valley

    Posted on November 19, 2019 by Doctor Ron
    When strolling the pet food aisles, the choices can be overwhelming. There are many different selections available. You can choose food for puppies or kittens, seniors, active pets, and overweight pets. So when choosing the best food for your furry friend, take into consideration their specific nutritional needs. Cats and dogs have different nutritional requirements. The age and breed of your pet are also factors. As pets age from adolescence to adults to seniors, their nutritional requirements change right along with them. The different stages of their lives need different… Read More
  • Common Nutrition-Related Dog Illnesses in Simi Valley Patients

    Posted on May 1, 2019 by Doctor Ron
    Our pets rely on us for exercise, fun, emotional bonding, and, of course, keeping them healthy through proper diet. Providing your dog with the right nutritional balance can be difficult, especially if you don’t know much about what your dog needs to live a happy, healthy life. Your dog’s diet should be monitored and changed as needed, and as decided upon by collaborating with your trusted veterinarian. One of the most important things you can do for your pet to avoid common illnesses is make sure they’re eating the right… Read More
  • What are the Nutritional Benefits of Oats for Dogs and Cats?

    Posted on September 23, 2018 by Doctor Ron
    For centuries, oats have been a staple of human diet for a number of reasons, but mainly for their high nutritional value. Oats can come in several forms that may surprise people, including teas and raw plant material. Although oats have proven to be nutritious for human beings, one may wonder if oats are equally beneficial for our pets. In recent years pet owners have wondered if “human” foods can be shared with pets safely and effectively, and many animal food brands and manufacturers have followed this curiosity. Dogs and… Read More
  • Garlic for Dogs: Good or Bad?

    Posted on July 7, 2018 by Doctor Ron
    Can dogs eat garlic? Many dog owners enjoy sharing their food with their pets. While some human foods are harmless, and even beneficial, to dogs, other types of food can be toxic to dogs even in small doses. There is no doubt that the benefits of garlic for humans has been substantiated with tons of research; however, is it just as beneficial for dogs? The answer is somewhat inconclusive, but here’s what we do know: garlic can be toxic to dogs in certain doses, so it’s important to be aware… Read More
  • How to Help Your Pet When They Won’t Eat

    Posted on June 23, 2018 by Doctor Ron
    Disturbances in our pets’ appetites can cause us to become stressed and worried about their health and well-being. Before you panic, read this article for a bit more clarification on your pet’s appetite. Some possible reasons for your pet’s lack of appetite Just like humans, pets can become disinterested in their food for a number of reasons. A lack of appetite isn’t a reason to panic necessarily; however, there are certain instances where your pet’s food consumption may be concerning for their health. Here are a few reasons why your… Read More