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  • Cat Behavior Issue

    Common Behavior Issues You May Find in Your Cat

    Pets add value to our lives and become like family, as we share the love, gratitude, and peace with our animal companions. When your cat begins to experience behavioral issues, you must address them to bring peace and comfort back into your home.

    Common behavior issues that you find in your cat may be small to moderate in complexity, but a veterinarian who is experienced in these issues can help you work through them. In fact, when your cat begins to exhibit behavior issues that are beyond your ability to deal with, Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency can help you work through these issues and make your pet comfortable.

    The Importance of Attending Regular Check-Ups

    Every pet owner should make it a point to schedule and attend routine appointments for their cat. Specifically, cats have a unique array of needs that must be monitored and dealt with accordingly to keep them healthy.

    At regular check-ups, you can address any concerns you may have with your cat and seek advice from our trained pet care professionals. This can prevent small behavioral issues from turning into larger concerns. A few examples of cat behavior issues and potential solutions include:

    • Spraying in the house: This can be resolved by having your cat spayed to prevent the likelihood of this occurrence. Better yet, it can improve the relationship between you and your cat by eliminating the stress this causes.
    • Playing too rough with kids: Cats have a playful attitude, and when little humans walk by they can be the perfect play partner. However, clawing, biting, and hissing can be scary for your little ones. By including play toys around the house, you can avoid this occurrence.
    • Scratching family members or household objects: There is nothing worse than being scratched by a cat or walking in your house to see your favorite curtains shredded. Medical procedures, like declawing, can help you avoid these unsightly and painful situations that stem from common cat behaviors.

    More Serious Cat Behavioral Problems

    Sometimes the problems you are experiencing with your feline family member are not as subtle, as scratching or spraying. Professional help from an experienced and trained veterinarian may be required to get these behaviors under control.

    Serious cat behavioral problems can lead to feelings of resentment, frustration, and anger between a cat and its owner, so resolving them can lead to a more harmonious relationship. There are some of the most common cat behavioral issues that are addressed in our office:

    • Aggression between multiple household cats.
    • Destructive scratching concerns.
    • Litter box issues.
    • Loud meowing and incessant yowling.
    • Older cat behavioral problems.
    • Intense and uncontrollable urine marking.

    Underlying Causes for Troublesome Cat Behaviors

    Even though you may think your cat simply doesn’t like you, there are often underlying causes that contribute to your cat’s behavioral issues. Oftentimes, addressing these issues can improve your relationship with your cat. This may involve behavior therapy, routine variations, and medication.

    Sometimes, physical modifications may also be considered, depending on the severity of the situation. Normal causes of troublesome cat behavior consist of:

    • aggression
    • anxiety
    • social conflict
    • attention-seeking
    • physical concerns

    While cat behavioral problems can sometimes develop over time, they can also arise seemingly overnight. Although you may see this as a cause for concern, this is surprisingly normal for cats. Quick response to the troublesome issue is key to getting it resolved.

    Find Help For Your Cat at Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency

    When you need advice for your cat’s behavior issues or would like to discuss potential solutions, our professionals Vet Checking Cat at Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency are here for you. It is our goal to help our clients maintain a safe, happy, and healthy relationship with their animals, and addressing cat behavior concerns is just another part of maintaining that happy trifecta of pet ownership.

    Our office can assist in areas such as spaying and neutering, providing nutritional services, and providing pet education. Of course, we are always here for any emergencies or urgent pet situations, as well.

    If your cat’s behavior issues are causing frustration or disdain in your household, contact us at (805) 306-0633 to see how we can help. We can schedule an appointment for in-depth evaluation and discussion or provide advice to get you started on improving your cat’s behavior at home.

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