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  • Does Your Dog Have Itchy Ears?

    Having a pet is certainly a responsibility, and similar to raising a child, it can be difficult to navigate at times. However, our pets rely on us to take care of them in many ways, and it can be helpful to inform yourself on the best ways to do so. One of the ways that pet owners can best care for their animals is to observe their daily behaviors to look for signs of changes or abnormalities that help alert us of health concerns.

    Dog Scratching Ears

    Dogs in particular are prone to ear infections and irritations that can cause them to scratch their ears excessively. This behavior is important to observe in your dog because it can indicate a number of health concerns that should be addressed as soon as possible. Most ear-related issues are highly treatable, and your trusted veterinarian can advise you on the next course of action. Here are some common questions that dog owners frequently have about their pet’s itchy ears:

    Q: What does it mean when your dog’s ear itches?

    A: An itchy dog ear can point to a number of different issues. The most common reason for dogs to excessively scratch their ears is because they’re experiencing an ear infection. Ear infections can range in severity, and will be treated differently depending on what is causing the infection. The causes of ear infections could be: mites, parasites, foreign bodies, or yeast buildup. Your dog may also be scratching its ear because of an ear drum rupture, or simple allergies to its environment. It’s helpful to look for other signs of allergies or infections on your dog’s body. A thorough examine by a veterinarian will rule-out the potential causes of your dog’s itchy ears and give you a direction for treatment approaches.

    Q: Are there certain things you can do to help your dog get relief?

    A: As you can see, there are several things that could be causing your dog to scratch its ears. If you notice a change in your dog’s ear-scratching behaviors, the first thing you should do to help your pet is take them to a reputable veterinarian to do a check-up and an ear inspection. Depending on what’s causing your pet’s ear to itch, your veterinarian will take different treatment approaches. For instance, if your dog’s itchy ear is due to an ear infection, your vet might recommend medication to treat them. It’s most important to follow through with the care practices your veterinarian recommends for your dog, including putting a protective cone on your pet to prevent him from scratching his ears, otherwise this will further irritate the problem and prevent recovery.

    Q: What can you do long-term to avoid itchy ears in the future?

    A: It’s normal for dogs to scratch their ears a few times per day, and as previously mentioned, it’s important to observe your dog’s behavior to look out for concerning symptoms like excessive itching. The sooner you notice changes in your dog’s behavior, the earlier you can address the issue preventing further health complications. In the future, you can keep your dog’s ears clean by gently cleaning them periodically. Doing this gives you the opportunity to inspect them regularly for signs of mites, foreign bodies, or yeast buildup. Furthermore, being prompt about following through with scheduling a veterinarian appointment in addition to the aftercare practices.

    Itchy Dog

    How We Can Help You and Your Pet

    The animal health experts here at Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency in Simi Valley serve a wide range of clients from other communities like Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, and other areas nearby Ventura County. We know that your pet is special and like a family member to you, so we care for our patients as we would our own pets. Our passion for animal science and health translates into the quality of care we provide for pets in the area. Helping our clients care for their animals includes providing educational tips and information that will allow them to spot signs of health issues early-on. When your dog shows signs of itchy ears it can be concerning. In order to address this issue effectively, it’s important that they get the quality of care they deserve. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for your pet at Dr. Ron’s or learn more about your dog’s itchy ears, please contact one of our helpful professionals on-staff.

    posted on April 8, 2018 at 9:50 am by Doctor Ron