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  • How Pets Can Affect Your Lifestyle Positively

    They sometimes are very obnoxious, particularly when you are trying to get some sleep and they want you to wake up. Every now and then they want your attention even when you do not want to give it to them. Most pet owners will agree their little friends are amazing and welcome additions to their life. Lifestyles of many people have been enriched for the better thanks to their pets.

    Pets will make you stress free

    Cute Puppies

    One area that benefits from having a pet in the house is the owner’s cardiovascular system. It is a known fact that people who own dogs have lower blood pressure than those who do not. One primary reason is that dogs, and cats as well, can soothe stress an individual may have. Doctors will tell you that petting a cat or dog will release a hormone that relaxes a person.

    Remove loneliness from life

    Your animals also help keep loneliness way. This is especially true for older people whose families have moved on. Pets make wonderful companions and their behavior can take away all kinds of depression. The companionship of an animal takes away a lot of anxiety and that helps a person feel more comfortable in their environment. Pet owners are known for talking to their cat or dog. It may seem odd to other people but that is a form of therapy. Being able to care for an animal allows the owner to have a sense of responsibility. It furthermore gives meaning to their life because the human knows that their pet depends on them for practically everything.
    Loneliness is also driven way because pets are great for meeting people. It always happens that dog owners will stop and chat with each other on their morning or evening walk. Being able to talk to someone allows for very essential personal contact. Cats and dogs help break the ice.

    Pet exercise is essential

    Humans have a great need to touch a living thing. It is why petting an animal can be so therapeutic. Caressing a small dog is a way of reducing stress. Those little animals also need to be exercised and is a good reason to get out in the fresh air. The need to exercise an animal also gives a little structure to daily life which is good for any human existence. Playing with cats causes levels of dopamine to increase within a body. That is a relaxing hormone and the reason why cat owners appear to be so calm.
    Pet With Owner

    Get unconditional love from the pet

    It is also true that these animals returned to their owner’s unconditional love and acceptance. It is perhaps the greatest gift that a pet can bestow on its human. Too often people feel oppressed by society, and perhaps develop feelings of being unloved. Pets are the kind of creatures sit by the door and wait for their masters to return. They also are the ones who are more than excited when they see their owner walked into the room. It is the kind of excitement that can make a person laugh. This is also the type of motion that lets the human know he or she means something to a living creature.
    People who do not own pets sometimes cannot understand the behavior of those who own cats or dogs. It is a little bit hard to explain but it really doesn’t need to be explained at all. Owners develop a special relationship with their pets. It is something that is very precious in life and makes the days more enjoyable. This is all very positive influence on individual. The health of a pet owner is improved both physically and mentally by their little four-legged friend.

    posted on October 26, 2015 at 3:58 am by Doctor Ron