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  • Puppy Chewing Electric Cord

    How to Deal With Electric Shock Injuries in Dogs by Experienced Veterinarian in Simi Valley

    Electrical shock injuries can easily happen to all dogs. However, puppies are more prone to experiencing shock than older dogs. Young dogs like to chew on everything, and this includes electrical wires.

    Lightning, faulty wiring, and fallen cables are also sources of electrical shock. These dangers do not discriminate. It is important you know how to deal with an electrical shock if it happens to your dog.

    Common Causes of Electrical Shock

    • Electrical Cords: The most common cause of electrical shock is home electrical cords. To discourage your dog from chewing on electrical cords, provide them with chew toys. It is also important that you keep cords out of reach. Hide them as best you can and keep them covered.
    • High Voltage Lines: High voltage lines are known to fall. If your pet is shocked by a high voltage line, it is often fatal.
    • Lightning: Lightning is dangerous. Most people know if they hear thunder to seek shelter. However, dogs are often left outside. Animals can be harmed just as easily by lightning as humans.

    Symptoms of Electrical Shock

    The symptoms of electrical shock can depend on the voltage, pathway, and length of contact. Minor shocks may only produce mild discomfort. However, even the weakest shocks can cause burns. The scope of the injury may not be fully evident until days later when the injured tissue dies. The damaged skin can easily get infected and lead to more issues.

    Severe electrical shock can seriously injure organs and the nervous system. A serious electrical shock can produce symptoms that look a lot like a seizure. The convulsions and spasms can be so strong that your dog can injure itself and possibly break bones.

    Electricity can damage the heart and lead to an abnormal heart rhythm. This can cause your dog to faint or experience cardiac arrest. This is very dangerous and can cause brain damage or even death.

    An electric shock can cause the lungs to fill with fluid. This symptom is referred to as pulmonary edema. This is a life-threatening condition that can make it hard for your dog to breathe. The fluid can develop almost immediately or it can take several days. If your dog is experiencing pulmonary edema, it is vital you get them to your vet immediately.

    Symptoms your dog may experience from electrical shock:

    • trouble breathing
    • coughing
    • unconsciousness
    • collapse
    • burns
    • pain
    • distress
    • excessive drooling
    • skin irritation

    What You Need to Do

    If you see that your dog is experiencing an electrical shock, it is important you do not put yourself in danger. Staying calm will help you and your dog. Once your dog has been removed from the electrical danger, get them to the vet immediately.

    • Do not grab your dog. The current can shock you too.
    • If possible, turn off the electricity. Flip the switch off or use rubber gloves to unplug the cord. If you are unable to turn off the current, call for emergency help.
    • If the dog is alert and not showing signs of major distress, offer them ice to cool their mouth and tongue.
    • Keep your dog calm by placing them in a dark carrier, box, or wrap them in a towel. For large dogs, use a blanket as a stretcher to get them in the car.
    • Seizures are common with electrical shock. Do not touch your dog during a seizure. Turn off or dim the lights and reduce noise.
    • Perform CPR if the dog has stopped breathing or has no heartbeat.

    Treating Electrical Shock

    If your dog experiences an electrical shock, see your vet as soon as possible. Drugs can be administered to steady an irregular heartbeat. Diuretic drugs may also be administered to help eliminate and prevent fluid buildup in the lungs. Antibiotics are often given to fight infections.

    In severe cases, burns in the mouth may cause so much pain that your dog will be unable to eat. Try feeding them soft food that has been mixed in a blender. If this does not work, your vet may need to insert a feeding tube.

    Contact Us Immediately in an Emergency

    If your dog has experienced Dog Electric Shock Treatment an electrical shock, contact us immediately. Electrical shocks can be fatal. Do not wait.

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