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  • How To Keep Stray Dogs Away From House

    If you have a dog you may also get some unwanted guests. Dogs are social animals and it can happen that a stray comes on your property to visit your pooch. These are not friendly calls. The stray dog may have various parasites and fleas to share with your pet. These insects can also cause health issues for your family members.

    Problems get worse if you have a female dog; she will draw a large number of suitors. A final difficulty is that stray dogs will defecate on your property and create eye sores. You have to have a means of keeping away from your house.

    Dog Outside Fence

    Ways to keep stray dogs away

    Try to use the easiest and least expensive means first. Strays are attracted to a food source and you shouldn’t feed your dog outside. Let the puppy have meals inside. That way, other dogs are not attracted by the scent. Female dogs will give off a particular odor in their urine when they are in heat. Having your female neutered is an excellent way to keep canine Romeos from paying a social call to your backyard. Dog repellent sprays can also be used.

    There are a number of electronic scarecrow water sprinklers on the market. These will douse unwanted guests with a strong blast of water as they come on the property. Speaking of water, be sure that no standing pools of water are on your property. These invite dogs to come for a drink.

    The next way to keep other dogs away would be a barricade around the perimeter of your property. This is ordinarily a wooden or chain-link fence but there are other means. You can plant a flowering thorn bush around your property. This not only looks attractive but the thorns keep a stray animal from invading your territory.

    Green ways are also there

    There are some green ways to keep dogs off the property. Cayenne pepper is highly effective and is also able to get rid of some insect pests. You don’t have to have this spread all over the lawn but at the borders. Vinegar spray can be used as an invisible dog deterrent but it should be sprayed on a regular basis. Vinegar can also be used in killing weeds so it serves a double benefit for you. When it comes time to grow new grass horse manure can be used. Dogs do not like the smell of it and they will steer clear of your property. It may sound a bit different but mouthwash can also be sprayed on perimeter to keep the neighborhood dogs away.

    How to deal with wild animals?

    Stray Dog

    You no doubt have heard about feral cats but there are also feral dogs. These are wild animals who live in urban areas and ordinarily sleep under bridges or in abandoned buildings. They do not respond very well to human efforts. They also may be carrying dangerous bacteria and could even be rabid. You may have to use traps to get rid of these animals. Such traps are available on the market and they do not necessarily kill the creature. Humane traps will catch the dog and give you the means to release it someplace else. If you intend to give it over to the animal shelter be advised these dogs may be killed within a week or two if they are not claimed by somebody.

    Be careful about your own pet

    These are ways of handling city strays but those who live out in the country pose their own serious challenges. Such animals can be wild and will cause problems with lifestyle. In these situations you may have to use traps. Be sure that your own pets are not accidentally caught in these enclosures. Your pet might also be placed at risk if you decide to use poison. A final alternative in the country would be to shoot the animal. Please try to exhaust all the other options before you resort to this.

    Final thoughts

    Dogs are naturally friendly but unwanted animals cause damage. You do not want your pets, family members, or the property itself to be harmed by stray dogs. You have a number of alternatives you can use, and you want to pick the one that is best for your situation. A stray dog is not going to be a good pet for you. It is better to find ways to keep it off the property.

    posted on November 20, 2015 at 1:27 pm by Doctor Ron