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  • How To Maintain A Healthy And Happy Parrot

    Parrots are beautiful, intelligent birds that have been known to live for decades. They have their own type of character, and their antics can amuse people for hours. Parrots are like any other living creature and maintaining their health is extremely important. Anyone who is going to pay to have parrot as a pet should know a few things to keep this little guy both healthy and happy.

    Health Maintenance Of Parrot

    The first thing is fresh water. The water bowls need to be sterilized and the water itself should be changed frequently during the day. Parrots also need a good variety of food and ought to be fed in the morning and again in the evening. They need to be examined on a routine basis by the veterinarian and a full blood panel ought to be done that first visit. This is the starting point for the health care of your pet parrot. One thing to look carefully at is the bird droppings because they are the first indicators that the parrot is getting sick. Parrots are very susceptible to any toxins that may be in the air and the veterinarians should be asked which sprays ought not to be used indoors.
    Parrots are very sociable. Interaction with the little fellow is important for his mental health. That can be simply talking to him on a routine basis. It is also essential to allow the parrot out of his cage for several hours a day. This allows for exercise and play stands can be set up for him to perch on. Toys are something that are both exercise and mental stimulation for a parrot. Having a few in the cage is a smart idea. Even though parrots are sociable the owner has to establish authority. This is similar to being the alpha dog to a pet German Shepherd. The veterinarians may have some ideas as to how best to establish the chain of command in the house.

    Interaction With Parrot

    Parrots communicate through screams and a few of these can be expected. They will scream at times because they are happy but they will also do it to warn of danger. An owner should be alert to any instance of excessive screaming it may be a signal that the bird is stressed out for some reason. An owner can control the volume of a parrots scream by speaking a lower voice. Parrots will mimic their owners and if the owners talk in a loud voice or make a lot of noise, the parrot will do the same thing just to fit in.
    Personal hygiene would include bathing and this has to be on a regular basis. It is a great opportunity to bond with your pet. It allows the tubing to socialize and enables the bird to better associate as somebody who can be trusted. Although it is recommended to have the bird out of his cage for a few hours daily, the wings of a parrot must be clipped. Not doing that will enable the bird to fly wherever he chooses. It can also happen if windows open that he flies away. If an owner is not confident about clipping the wings is a task that is veterinarian will gladly do.
    Something is extremely important the bird’s well-being is the placement of the cage. There should be a lot of natural sunlight in a room where there is a lot of activity, such as the family room. A parrot owner must always be aware of the birds desire to interact. Leaving the bird in a room alone can result in excessive screaming and other behaviors that are detrimental to the parrot’s health.

    Parrot Outside Cage

    Parrots are wonderful pets and highly intelligent. They can very easily bond with their owner and become quite literally a friend for life. A parrot owner learns to appreciate more and more the little friend as the years go by. It is very important to keep the health tips mentioned above in mind. These are very durable birds but parrots can get sick if left unattended or if health precautions are not taken. Making sure to interact with the bird as well as keeping the wings clipped will help guarantee a very healthy bird, both physically and mentally.

    posted on June 19, 2014 at 12:22 pm by Doctor Ron