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  • How to Prepare Your Pet for a Long Road Trip

    Summer vacations often include taking long trips. Your pet is part of the family and you do not want it to stay in a kennel while everyone else goes on the road. It is perfectly natural to have your pet go with you but you have to be ready for it. The little buddy is going to require a few things to make that long trip more endurable.

    Pet On A Trip

    Importance of vaccinations

    You do not want to have the animal come down with an illness far from home. A call to the veterinarian to make sure that all the vaccinations are current is a very good health precaution. You may also want to inquire if any additional vaccinations would safeguard your pet against viruses caught on the road. Emergencies do happen and if you have a copy of the medical records from the veterinarian’s office it can help.

    Search for animal friendly lodgings

    If you are planning a trip that takes several days you will want to make reservations for overnight stays on the route. Not every hotel will allow for animals and you have to find the ones that will. This is really not a problem, because many online travel guides can be used conduct a search for animal friendly lodgings. Cats and dogs are a bit like children. They need to have rest stops along the way and you should schedule some stops. Allowing the animal to have outside exercise of perhaps 15 minutes every three or four hours is going to help make the trip a lot more endurable.

    Install crash tested travel crate

    As much is you love your pet. You have to think of safety. Allowing animals to have free reign to the backseat of the car is not safe. You may suddenly end up with a cat on your shoulder or dog’s nose in your face. That may seem cute but it can distract you from paying attention to the road. For safety sake you need to have the animal in a travel crate. This should be something that is certified as crash tested and can provide a comfortable space for your animal. Be sure that you have the crate firmly situated so that a sudden stop will not result in the crate falling over.

    Products to maintain pet’s health

    Dog traveling in the car

    Parents will often pack a bag of games and toys to amuse their children on long trips. You ought to do the same thing for your pets. A plastic bag full of favorite toys can make the boring hours go by quickly. You should also pack food and a food bowl along with a sufficient supply of water. The vaccinations may be up to date but you still should have supplies to maintain your pet’s overall health. That can include flea powder and the right brand of insect repellent. Your veterinarian may have some suggestions about the best products to have. Treats reward good behavior. Have a few of these for your little friend to reward them when they are good.

    Have an updated dog or car tag

    You may have grown up on stories of animals like Lassie who traveled hundreds of miles to be back with their owners. It is a nice story to read but a horrible experience to endure. Pets can get lost on vacations and there’s no guarantee they will ever find their way home. Be sure that you have an updated dog or cat tags on your animal’s body. The information should also include a telephone number where you might be reached. Even though you are as vigilant as possible your pet can go exploring. The tags will see to it your little friend can be returned to you if for some reason it gets lost.

    Be alert of feeding time

    It is not easy to stick to a routine while traveling, but you should try to do it. If you feed the family pet a certain time every day, continue to do so while on the road. Always remember that animals have a bio alarm clock the same as humans. An animal used to being fed at 5 PM is going to get a little grumpy if it is fed later. You can adjust the feeding time to time zone that you are in, but be sure that regularity is followed.

    Those vacation trips are the stuff of memories and they can be wonderful for the entire family. Your dog or cat can have the same amount of fun as everyone else. You do have to prepare for the trip with your four-legged buddy in mind, but it can be done. Just a little bit of work ahead of time prevents a lot of trouble on the road.

    posted on June 30, 2015 at 12:56 pm by Doctor Ron