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  • How To Take Care Of Multiple Dogs At Home

    Honestly, what is there not to like about dogs? These animals are affectionate, incredibly loyal, and offered a lot of security for someone who lives alone. It does happen that the pet owner will have a number of dogs in the house. It can mean there’s so much more to love, but also can meet some problems. You could easily have a pack of dogs who don’t like each other and that can turn your house into an insane asylum. You can take care of a large number of dogs, but there are some things you need to do.

    Dalmatian Dog

    If at all possible, introduce the new dog to the rest of the canine family before it takes up official residence. Dogs have certain ways of greeting other dogs they meet for the first time. Make note of any growl or snarl between them. Understand that dogs interact in a pack society. Expect a hierarchy to form and make sure those animals on the lower end of the scale are not left out.

    Assign yourself top authority

    When it comes that hierarchy make it clear that you are the top dog in the house. Assert that authority often with the dogs and make them know who is in charge. This may require a fair amount training but it is important. No animal must ever think that it is more powerful than you as the owner. If you are not in charge, you can expect your dogs to fight to achieve supremacy.

    Watch for warning signs

    Dogs are very active and they can be a little aggressive. You have to watch for signs where rough play is replaced by real fights. Aggression would occur over territory or if one of dogs happens to have puppies. Although dogs will growl, do not punish them for that vocal expression. Think of the growls as warning signals to the other animal.

    Provide special care for each dog

    Every dog needs its own special care and you should recognize that if you have several in the house. What this will mean is that each will have separate things. Each dog should have its own dinner bowl and you should try to feed them at the same time. If an alpha dog has been established, it is a good idea to feed this animal first. If you don’t, the others may feel there is still room at the top and fight for position. They will usually pick their own sleeping space, and you could place the individual dog beds in the same area. While they will sleep together, be sure there is some space between each one.

    Ways to avoid competition

    Dogs need individual attention just as if they were your kids. This is extremely important to avoid any high anxiety, or feelings of being unloved. Each dog may be given a special toy, and be sure that whatever you allow for one, the other dogs received the same or comparable. It helps prevent any competition from arising unexpectedly. Be sure that the animals are all given the right amount of exercise. You can love them all out in the backyard at one time and they can use the space to play.

    Try to understand animal psychology

    2 Dogs Playing

    It helps if the pet owner members that given to the dog, it is still an animal. It doesn’t act like a human being and dogs are creatures of the pack. The more you understand how animal psychology works, the quicker you’ll be able to notice any problems with that little domestic group running around in your house. There will be a dominant dog, but it has to be subordinate to you. That happens to be a safety precaution. If you have a group of large dogs, you cannot afford to have them think you are not in charge. It is a question of control that you have to be who is the master. Of course, you have to provide the kind of love and affection that will bond these dogs to you. It really does not take an awful lot to do that. Dogs react quickly to kindness, and it serves to increase their loyalty. You may discover that you not only have a group of friends, but perhaps some of the best guardians of your safety you could possibly want.

    When you think about it, having a number of dogs is like having a house full of children. Each has its own special needs and wants its own territory. You can accommodate all and still have a house full of fun loving pets.

    posted on February 3, 2016 at 4:19 am by Doctor Ron