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  • Importance Of Vaccinations For Your Pets

    It may seem difficult to believe as you watch your pet running and playing the animal may be deathly sick. Animals are no different from human about contracting disease. A number of illnesses are airborne or the result of parasites accidentally picked up. There is a very great need to have a routine schedule of vaccinations for the little friend of yours.

    Diseases that your pet can fall victim of

    Healthy Pet

    Some of the vaccinations are absolutely essential. Distemper can attack the dog’s body systems including the brain, respiratory system, and the spinal cord. There is no cure for it. Canine parvovirus (CPV2) is a bloody diarrhea, which can bring about death very quickly. Dogs can also fall victim to Lyme disease and Corona Virus. Cats are susceptible to Chlamydia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). They also can contract Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). Cats who are primarily house cats are less susceptible to some of the feline diseases, but nevertheless illnesses such as rabies are something the cat can come down with. Rabies is a disease which is fatal to any animal and also to any human who is bitten by a rabid dog or cat. The vaccination for this particular disease is not just recommended, but many states require it by law.

    Symptoms of canine parvovirus

    Certain diseases such as canine parvovirus can lead to almost immediate death if the animal has a full case of it. The symptoms of disease vary with the malady and the animal. Lethargy is one thing that is very common and bowel discharges are also a hint that disease lurks inside the pet. There are dog breeds that are more susceptible to certain diseases than others. Labrador Retrievers and Rottweilers are susceptible to canine parvovirus and vaccination for them is essential.

    Vaccinate your pet & be on safe side

    As an owner you try very hard to see to it that your dog or cat stays healthy. Even the best precautions cannot always safeguard the animal. Kennels and grooming salons are notorious places for exposure. Any animal that spends a fair amount of time outside is also at risk. It is always better to be on the safe side and have the pet vaccinated.
    Dog Getting Vaccinated
    Some owners may be concerned about vaccines because, reaction can be lethargy. As with the controversy over human vaccines, the worry may be overstated. What is true is that diseases such as rabies and canine parvovirus are fatal. An animal that contracts either is going to have a very painful death. Fatalities not always immediate and there are sicknesses that linger, causing the animal considerable pain.

    Re-vaccinate your pets in every 3 years

    A guide for an owner is to consider those vaccinations which are absolutely essential. This would include canine parvovirus, adenovirus-2, and rabies for the dog. The routine distemper shots for dogs cover a range of sicknesses that will include parainfluenza, hepatitis, parvovirus, and distemper. Lyme disease vaccination is something only for those areas of the country where the disease is prevalent. The feline parvovirus, rabies, panleukopenia, and herpesvirus vaccinations are also essential for any cat. These vaccinations require periodic boosters with an emphasis on having the booster shots when the animal is a kitten or puppy. Once your pet has matured annual boosters are important and re-vaccination every few years may also be necessary. The rule of thumb is for re-vaccinations every three years.
    They will probably always be some type of debate over the necessity of numerous vaccinations. However, what is important to remember is the overall health of your pet. This animal is very much a part of the family of a lot of people. The same type of basic care should be given to the dog or cat as any human. The incidence of rabies in particular is a cause for alarm. Your animal will die a horrible death from rabies and may infect you with the virus before dying.

    Importance of vaccination

    It is simple enough to schedule routine of vaccinations with your local veterinarian. These trips to the office aren’t that frequent, but they are will add to the protection of your pet. It is always better to see your animal running around in the peak of health. Watching the little one slowly deteriorate because of vaccinations missed can be very heart rendering. It is an experience that no pet owner ever wants to go through and can be easily avoided with vaccinations.

    posted on February 14, 2015 at 1:39 pm by Doctor Ron