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  • Is it Good to Hire a Pet Sitter?

    Owning a pet has a load of benefits that make our furry friends common additions to homes and families worldwide. However, taking care of pets can be a challenging responsibility, especially when it comes time to leave town. Finding someone you trust to care for your pet while you are traveling is a daunting task, and sometimes friends and family are unavailable to help out. There are other options available that can solve the problem of who will watch your pet; and some options may be better than others. Two common alternatives to having friends and family care for your pets are: kennels or “dog hotels,” or hiring pet sitter. Dog kennels are often costly, inconvenient, and can be worrisome for pet owners who are not comfortable leaving their pets with a team of strangers. Usually individuals who work at dog kennels have background experience working with animals; however, this does not necessarily mean that your pets are guaranteed to be cared for just as you would care for your pet. Leaving town comes with enough stressors, so it might be time to look for a pet sitter.

    Pet Sitter

    You can leave town unworried

    One of the benefits of hiring a pet sitter is that you can interview several pet sitters before settling on a final decision. Dog kennels aren’t always obliged to introduce customers to all the staff who work there. Hiring a pet sitter to feed, interact, and play with only your animal is a great way to ensure that your pet gets the individualized attention it needs to remain comfortable while you are gone. You are able to personally go over specific instructions for your pet with your pet sitter before you leave town, which can allow you to leave town feeling confident and relaxed that your pet is in good hands.

    Do your own research

    Hiring a pet sitter comes with other benefits: your animal can stay in the comfort of its own home and daily surroundings; both your pet and belongings are being looked after while you are gone; and you can avoid the issues that sometimes come with boarding your dog in a kennel, such as contagious diseases and illnesses. These are real concerns to address before you decide to leave your dog in a kennel or with a sitter, and price differences in your area along with your own individual circumstances and needs may dictate what choice you decide to make. However, it is most important that you do your own research on kennels and sitters in your area.

    It can be risky

    While there are many benefits to hiring a pet sitter, there are also drawbacks that you could experience. Allowing someone you are not totally familiar with to enter your home with your possessions and important belongings is always a risk to take. Sometimes it may be in your best interest to attempt a background check on individuals, or go through a pet sitter service that conducts background checks on all of their workers. It is important to know who you will be letting in your home, and that your pet and belongings are kept safe while you are out of town.

    Dog Outside with Pet Sitter


    Traveling is always a difficult undertaking; it is good to have several options for pet sitters or friends and family who are willing to help take care of your pet when you occasionally must leave. Being without backup options may cause you more stress in the future when you decide to take vacations or go on trips without your pet, so make sure you prepare yourself with alternative pet sitters. Looking for the right sitter can be tricky, but there are some basic things you should look for. Your sitter should have adequate training with animals, particularly whatever type of pet you own. He or she should have excellent communication skills and be consistent in answering calls, texts, or emails rapidly; it is critical that you are able to get ahold of the sitter at any given moment and that they stay in contact with you to let you know if they will be unavailable for designated time periods throughout the day. You can also talk to other friends and family who may have suggestions of companies or individuals that you can hire.

    posted on August 11, 2017 at 11:03 am by Doctor Ron