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    Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Food for Your Pet in Simi Valley

    Feeding is a necessary part of caring and providing for your pet’s needs and general well-being. Choosing the right food for your pet is an important step in ensuring that it maintains a healthy life. Because the pet food industry is so large, deciding which food is good can easily become overwhelming. The best pet food comes from a selection of the best ingredients, so remember that as you shop, your goal is to give your pet a healthy and balanced diet.

    Despite having first-hand knowledge about how to pick the right pet food, many pet parents still make mistakes. Good pet food should contain all the essential ingredients according to the pet’s breed, activity level, age, and any other special needs. Continue reading to discover common mistakes pet owners make while selecting pet food.

    Deciding On Grain-Free Foods

    Choosing the right food for your pet depends on its health and allergies. Ensure you consult with your veterinarian before changing the pet’s diet. Although whole grains do not harm pets, grain-free pet foods provide substantial health benefits. For example, choosing a pet food that contains vegetables or fruit can help keep your pet strong and active. Their diet should contain more than meat products.

    Grabbing Any Pet Food From Shelf

    Choosing the first pet food on the shelf is one common mistake pet owners make when buying food for pets. There is a booming market for pet food today, so it’s no surprise that there are many brands on sale. The benefit of this is that you’ll be able to get better quality pet food, but if you don’t know what to look for, then there would be a problem. You may probably pick one that is contaminated or has false ingredients in it. You can sign up for pet food recall notifications if you’re unsure. Also, seek advice from your trusted veterinarian.

    Failure to Take Your Pet’s Age Into Consideration

    You need to know the approximate age of your pet to determine what kind of pet food to buy. Many pet owners buy pet food blindly without considering its age, whether it is meant for a young or mature pet.

    It’s imperative to consider the amount of food when purchasing pet food for an adult pet. Feeding a young pet with food meant for an adult pet will make the young pet have difficulty eating, this may also cause digestive problems.

    Ignoring the Labels

    The words on a pet food label contain vital information for the pet food. These keywords give a summary of the key ingredients in pet food. Make sure the top five ingredients are actual food products instead of chemicals or byproducts, as these five make up the bulk of the food products you’re giving them.

    Not Doing Research on Brand

    It is common for consumers to buy pet food after watching a TV commercial without researching the manufacturer. Selecting a brand is one thing, but having a thorough knowledge of the manufacturer is another. You should ask yourself questions regarding the ingredients and the quality control measures employed by the manufacturer so that you won’t pick the wrong brand.

    Reproductive Status and Breed Consideration

    As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to know your pet’s behaviour, activity level, and other characteristics. While shopping for pet food, most pet owners do not consider the pet’s breed and its reproductive status. A lactating mother, for instance, requires more calories. Pets that are considered more active usually require a higher calorie intake than those that are more docile.

    Food Allergies

    A pet’s diet determines their health. When choosing pet food, ensure that it does not contain allergens, so you can provide your pet with safe food. If you’re unsure of what foods could cause your pet an allergic reaction, talk to your veterinarian.

    Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency Can Help

    At Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency, Pet Eatingwe understand your passion and love for your pets. We want your pets to feed in the healthiest way possible. However, you are responsible for your pet’s nutrition and health status based on the choices you make. Make your decisions based on facts, not appealing to commercial products.

    We are committed to keeping you informed and delivering the best services for your pets. We provide excellent veterinarian services to customers in Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, areas nearby Ventura County. Book an appointment with us today at Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency and we’ll help you take care of your beloved pet!

    posted on December 12, 2021 at 8:08 am by Doctor Ron