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  • Pet Insurance: Taking Care of That Special Little Friend

    Years ago pets were primarily used to guard the home and keep the mice at bay. They were not considered good for much else than that, but those days have gone. Pets are more part of the family than ever before. People who are single and without children cherish their pets and appreciate the unconditional love they receive from their little buddies. Families feel the same way and the health of pets is important to them. Pet insurance helps with any animal related medical costs that may happen.

    Pets Playing In Garden


    Little Things can be Expensive

    Pet owners will take their animals to veterinarians for routine matters such as vaccinations or medication to ward off various pet related diseases. These expenses ordinarily are not that great, but there are some minor procedures that are little bit more expensive than people imagine. Pulling a dog’s cracked tooth or declawing the cat can be procedures that cost hundreds of dollars. Other problems such as worms or hairballs trapped in the digestive system are not always simple operations, and may require time and special techniques. Pet owners care about their little friends, but the expense can be tough on the budget. Pet insurance ordinarily has deductibles which, once met, permit these routine medical practices to be less expensive.

    Major Operations

    The family pet is not immune from life-threatening situations such as cancer or kidney failure. These can be major emergencies which will require surgery or even radiation therapy. None of them are cheap. A sad situation for any pet owner is to have a beloved pet put to sleep. It can happen if the expense is so high that the owner cannot afford the treatments. Pet insurance can ease the burden and make a decision to save an animal’s life a lot easier. The medicine that is required to bring the pet back from death’s door may be expensive, but the insurance makes this expense a lot easier on the checking account.

    Checking out Pet Insurance

    There are some fairly standard items that need to be checked when looking at a pet insurance policy. Certainly what is covered is the most important element but there are a few other things. Maximum age for enrollment may be a problem and coverage may not include conditions that are hereditary. Reimbursement limits, including lifetime, ought to be


    investigated to be sure that coverage is sufficient for a number of visits. The payout percentages ordinarily are between 70 and 90% of the total bill. Anything less than those percentages suggest that the pet insurance being considered is a fairly substandard policy.
    Pets will suffer from a number of orthopedic problems, including hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament tears. A term to look for in the coverage language is bilateral coverage basis. What that means is that if one leg is affected there will be coverage available for other legs as well. Coverage for wellness just as important for an animal as it is for a human being. The ability to have neutering surgery, dental cleaning, and medications to protect against heartworm and distemper should be looked for when examining the policy. Pet insurance may also cover other things besides veterinary medicine. Coverage for liability (pet injures a person or damages someone’s property) and accidental death are just some policy benefits that should be investigated. The primary concerns of the pet insurance policy will naturally be medical coverage that will increase the years of healthy life on that special little friend.
    It has to be understood just how valuable a pet is to so many people. The dog or cat may be the only family for a lonely person, and the unconditional love these animals give their owners can fill up the void in a person’s heart. Sickness and injury to a pet can be emotionally devastating. So, it is better to avoid such sickness and injury by taking preventive steps. Pet insurance can help keep these special creatures healthy for longer periods of time. Those who rely on a four-legged friend for affection and company will appreciate just how much of a benefit having pet insurance can be. It may be what helps saves the life of a very best friend and cherished member of a family.

    posted on December 27, 2013 at 11:49 am by Doctor Ron