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  • Safety Tips for Pets During Road Trips

    Going on vacations requires plenty of preparation; packing, securing the house, reserving a hotel, and getting the car ready for a long drive, are a few typical considerations. Another major consideration for most people is whether they will bring their furry friends along for the ride or not. Bringing your pets on long road trips with you requires another level of preparation beyond what is required of a normal vacation. Animals aren’t always as comfortable in the car as we imagine, but it is our job as pet owners to ensure their safety beyond all else. For areas like Simi Valley, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks, CA, where access to beautiful vacations spots are plentiful, there are a few things that vacationers should consider before packing up their pets’ belongings to bring them along for the ride.

    Dog Wearing Seat Belt

    Comfortable seat restraint

    California laws state that your pet must be safely secured in your vehicle; this entails a form of seat restraint, usually a harness-type mechanism will suffice. It is important that your animal has the freedom to move around a bit in their seat, enough to be able to lie down comfortably. However, equally important is the driver’s safety; you should make sure that your pet cannot hop into the front seat and accidently bump the gear shift, or distract the driver from concentrating on the road in front of them. Making sure your animal is secure, but comfortable, will ensure their safety as well as that of the others in the vehicle.

    Take short breaks

    Another important factor to consider is taking adequate time for breaks outside of the car. If you plan on being in the car for any extended period of time, you should make sure to find a rest stop or a safe area off the side of the road where your pet can stretch its legs and take a bathroom break. No one wants to have to clean up a pet accident in the back seat, and your pet would probably prefer some fresh air anyway. Along with potty breaks and rest stops, you should also be sure to bring plenty of water and food for your pet (and adjust your bathroom breaks accordingly). Making sure your animal has the bare necessities is critical—they should not be without water for any extended period of time.

    Carry necessary stuffs

    Along with safety during the road trip, you should also be sure to travel with whatever your pet typically needs at home: their favorite toys and maybe their bed would be desirable, but at the very least your pet should travel with any medications or supplements they take on a regular basis. Some pet owners even travel with their pet’s health records in case of an emergency, which brings us to our next point: have an emergency plan laid out for your pet in case something happens. Take some time to research the area you are traveling to, and any locations along the way, that can help with a pet emergency; pet hospitals, veterinary clinics, grooming shops, pet supply stores, or whatever else you may need should not be a last-minute thought, but part of your vacation preparation. Finding reputable services for your pet shouldn’t be part of the emergency, but part of an already thought out solution.

    Dog Travelling in A Car

    Consult a vet

    Traveling with pets can be pretty tricky, especially if you own a pet that isn’t a cat or a dog. At Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency clinic, we have been serving the Simi Valley area for over a decade, and often help clients choose the best travel methods for their pets. We are familiar with caring for and treating a wide variety of animals, even exotic, less common types. Providing everything from emergency services, pet education, and our well-known shot clinic, we offer a solution for all of your pet’s needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to pet health, which stems from our genuine love of animals. Our clients appreciate our specialty in performing accurate diagnoses that allow us to be able to effectively and efficiently treat our patients; it saves them money, but more importantly, it allows their pets to get back to living healthier, happier lives. Stop by today to meet our friendly staff, call us with any questions, or explore our website in more depth to get a better understanding of our philosophies on pet care.

    posted on September 5, 2017 at 11:07 am by Doctor Ron