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  • Some Check Points To Keep Your Pets Safe In Festive Season


    Around this time of year the subject of pets holiday hazards always come up. Throughout the year you must be aware of dangers but this is especially true from Halloween to New Years day. There can be many new experiences that frighten pets.

    safety of puppyies in festive season


    Different people and possibly pets are coming to the door or visiting. Keep this in mind since your pet may need reassurance.


    With extra guests in the home it is best to lay down the rules first. Firmly ask your guests not to feed your pets table food. If your pet eats food it is not accustomed to it may get an upset stomach. It can also lead to more severe problems such as an inflamed pancreas or damaged intestines from eating bones.


    Let everyone know to not give in to the sad face or begging your pet may do. You can try to stop your pet from begging by feeding him or her first. Usually, a firm “NO” will work but you can also use other devices like shaking a soda can with coins in it or using a spray bottle filled with water.


    If your pet continues to bother you at the table take away their distraction. Tell them “no” and segregate them from the guests during meal time. Also make sure the garbage can is closed. Your pet may be too tempted to come back later for that midnight snacks.


    When preparing and cleaning for the holidays make sure to wash away any excess cleaning solutions. Make sure these are all out of reach especially when dealing with puppies or kittens.


    christmas cat


    The most obvious danger is the Christmas tree. The tree is often too tempting for many cats to climb. Ornaments and decorations are very attractive to pets. Puppies may chew on and ingest plastic. Cats can swallow tinsel. Crushed glass ornaments can often result in nasty cuts.


    If plants are given as gifts they should also be kept away from your pets. Poinsettia plants and holly berries are just two that are harmful to pets.


    Remember to secure all electric cords and try to make them inaccessible to puppies and kittens. You can also try spraying the cords with bitter tasting spray or pet repellent that you can get at the pet store.


    Never allow burning candles within reach of pets. The brightness of the flame can be attractive. Be conscious of smokers so that cigarette butts are not placed within reach and cause nicotine poisoning. Also pets that are not use to the smoke can get sick from it.


    With the added visitors also insure that your pets are current with their vaccinations. Other pets may bring unseen diseases into the home but also many viruses can be tracked in on clothing.


    Plan ahead to assure a worry free holiday that you can enjoy with all of your family people and pets.


    posted on October 31, 2013 at 11:36 am by Doctor Ron