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  • Spring Health Tips For Your Cats

    Your tabby is probably no different than the rest of the family when it comes to the weather. The little kitty has probably been staring out the window for weeks wondering when all the snow will go away. Well, warm breezes are now floating through the air and the cold weather is gone. Your cat is probably getting more active and wants to go outside. Spring is a great time of the year but is also important to lookout for the health of your pet. There are few things that you should put on the spring bucket list that will keep your cat in good spirits.


    Neutering the cat is a smart plan. It avoids unwanted pregnancies and reduces the possibility of uterine infections. It also means you don’t have to deal with an animal in heat, which can be a real emotional circus. Cats can get allergies and their reactions include vomiting and diarrhea. Having the veterinarians check for any allergy will help the cat enjoy spring that much more. People in the past would thoroughly wash their bedding in the spring. The same thing should be done with your pet’s pillows or blankets. That gets rid of any bacteria that may be lingering from the winter. The cat might need a bath during spring. Many cats do not like that and there are cat wipes that can be used to remove dander. Cats will shed winter coats during those sunny days of May. That excess can end up as hairballs, and be extremely unhealthy for your feline. Developing a regular schedule of brushing will keep the hair problem under control.
    Cats want to go outside and the warm weather can cause dehydration. That is why water should be available both indoors and outdoors. Keep in mind that the water has to be changed daily. If it is not, algae can grow. If cats are going to be fed outside the bowls have to be emptied and cleaned regularly. That prevents parasites from becoming part of the kitten’s daily diet. Ticks and fleas are going to be looking for victims in the springtime. Prevention is the best remedy and the veterinarian may recommend a tick and flea powder to keep those insects away. Medication for heartworm prevention is necessary to maintain an animal’s health. If a schedule for treatment is not already been established with a veterinarian, spring is a good time to do it.

    Cat In Garden

    Many pet owners enjoy gardening but they should be careful of what they plant if they have cats as pets. Some of the more common garden flowers such as azaleas can be toxic. The same can be said for lilies. That is why a gardener who is also a pet lover should check to see what type of plants should not be around the cat. Any pesticides used to control lawn and insects should be inspected to see whether or not there’s a warning label about cats. Many lawn products are now deliberately manufactured that are harmless to cats and dogs. Folks also want to do a spring cleaning to get rid of the accumulated dust and dirt. Unfortunately, a number of cleaning products contain chemicals that can be very dangerous to a cat’s health. It is essential to check the labels of any cleaning ingredients to make sure that it is all cat friendly. If a professional carpet cleaner is going to be working on the rugs, be sure that they use products that are not going to be irritants to an animal’s paws, or cause allergic reactions.
    It goes without saying that any cat that has been semi-hibernating during the snowy weeks needs exercise. Spring is the best time to get them out into the open air to work off some of that excess fat. It also allows the animal to put a little more tone back in muscles, as well as strengthen the heart through activity.
    Cats are meant to last for a long time and that they are healthy that is exactly what will happen. You can consider your pet’s health as just one of the spring chores that you have in mind anyway. Putting your kitten’s health on the bucket list is going to see to it that the little friend stays active.

    posted on May 14, 2014 at 3:36 pm by Doctor Ron