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  • The Importance of Fencing

    The importance of fencing to your pet’s safety cannot be underestimated. There is a good reason that most shelters, rescue organizations and responsible breeders require that you have fencing in place before adopting an animal out to you. It is one of the single most important ways you can protect your pet. There are a number of different options available to secure your yard.

    Pet safety


    Why Fence?

    A fully fenced yard keeps your pet off the road and away from the risk of being hit by a car, stolen by a stranger, or picked up by animal control. There are so many dangers that await unsupervised animals when they are running loose. People who love their pets do not want to let them get injured or killed. The cost of a fence is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is safe from the many dangers on the streets.
    A fence can also protect your pet from other animals and theft. If you live in the country, there are a number of wild animals that can expose your pet to diseases and harm if they interact with them. Thieves are less likely to try to get into a locked yard to get steal a pet than pick up an animal running loose. This can protect your pet from becoming a victim of animal cruelty or being used as bait for the criminals that run dog fighting rings.

    Fencing Options


    Rons Dog-Jumping-Fence

    Depending on your budget and the ways you use your yard, there are several different options to choose from. A fenced yard not only protects your pets, it can also give your children a safe area to play in. Depending on the size of your yard, you can choose from many different fencing materials including chain link, wrought iron, and wood. When choosing a fencing material consider other uses of your yard too. Wooden fencing can provide the most privacy for other backyard activities. Wrought iron looks beautiful but is quite expensive. Consider how you use your yard, the size of your yard, and your budget. Remember to consider your pet too. Small breeds are unlikely to jump a fence that is four feet or more tall but athletic, medium to large sized dogs and cats can easily jump four feet and are better off with a fence that is six feet or more tall.
    Jumping is not the only escape risk though. Many dogs are avid diggers and can easily dig under a fence. To prevent this there are several different options. You can sink the fence a few feet down. You can extend chicken wire into the ground from the fence to serve the same purpose. If you are looking for something a little more picturesque, you can line the edges of your yard with patio stones.
    Invisible fencing is another possible choice. With invisible fence, you need to train your dog to recognize the boundaries of your property, usually marked with flags. A wire is buried around the perimeter. The animal wears a special collar that gives off a small electric shock if your pet gets too close to the wire which is marked with the flags. It can be a good way to fence a small portion of a large yard such as an acreage. It tends to be more affordable than traditional fencing, particularly in a rural setting.
    While the price tag is generally nicer with invisible fencing, there are some distinct disadvantages. While invisible fencing will keep most dogs and cats in, a truly determined pet will run through the shock which is brief and then keep on going. This is most likely to occur if your pet is chasing something or being chased by something. It also has no effect on other animals or people, which means that they can come on to your property and interact with your pet. So, it does not protect your pet from outside predators, both two and four footed.
    If you are concerned about the price tag and have a pet that is likely not to work well with invisible fencing, you may be better investing in a fenced kennel run. These are available in a variety of sizes, which can be added to over time as your budget permits. They come in different fence heights as well.

    After All, Safety Matters the Most

    Although the initial layout for a fence can be high, the benefits make it a very worthwhile investment. A fence offers security and safety for your pet. It keeps them safe from dangers like cars, thieves, and other animals. It gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your treasured family member is safe. Isn’t that worth it?

    posted on March 6, 2014 at 12:05 pm by Doctor Ron