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    The Most Effective Puppy Care Tip by Licensed Vets Of Simi Valley

    Brining a new puppy home is an exciting and heartwarming event. Whether you’ve adopted a pet for the family or a furry friend to keep yourself company, puppies become family as soon as you choose to adopt them.

    With the joy of adopting a new pet comes with important responsibilities. Learning how to take care of your puppy can be intimidating if you’ve never owned a dog before. The good news is there are abundant resources and tips available to you to make sure you can provide your pet with a happy & healthy life.

    Partner with an Expert Veterinarian

    Just like people, puppies need medical care. Partnering with a quality veterinarian in your area is essential for your puppy’s long-term health. Start by taking your puppy in for checkups regularly. While they’re still growing, it’s vital to make sure they maintain good health.

    A licensed veterinarian can give your puppy its vaccinations, recommend care based on breed and size, and provide helpful tips for puppy care.

    Designate a Space for Your Puppy

    Puppies need their own space to sleep, rest, and call their own. In order for your new pet to acclimate, it needs to know that it has a place all to itself in your home.

    It’s best to put your puppy’s bed, food bowls, and toys in the same general area. You can keep food and water in the kitchen if needed, but still in proximity to your puppy’s bedding. As your puppy gets used to its new environment, make sure it can see you easily. This helps establish the bond that will be created between you and your pet.

    Puppy Food Protocol

    Young dogs need different nutrition than adult dogs. You can consult your veterinarian and research different foods and their benefits before picking one to feed to your new puppy. There are a variety of different kinds of pet foods to choose from. Generally, it’s better to avoid pet foods that contain a lot of filler ingredients and instead choose those that include whole foods, like white meat and vegetables.

    The best way to keep your puppy healthy is to choose a food made for puppies with plenty of varied nutrients in its ingredients. Too much protein isn’t good for your new pet, and vice versa.

    Puppy Playtime

    Spending time with your animal is essential for its physical & mental health. Snuggling on the couch with your furry friend can be tempting, especially if it is particularly cuddly. However, actively playing and interacting with your pet is most important for its health.

    Take time to go for walks with your puppy and get some leash training in while you’re at it. Puppies need exercise and stimulation for their overall happiness and health. Simply playing a game of tug with your puppy can give it the vital enrichment that it needs, as well as further the bond you’ve made with your pet.

    The Importance of Training

    Training your new pet keeps you both happy and in better understanding of each other. It’s just as important to learn your puppy’s cues as it is for your puppy to learn yours. Focusing on house training and simple tasks is a great place to start with your new puppy. Pay attention to your pet’s signals when training it.

    Depending on its breed, your puppy may tire out more quickly from training than other dogs. Keep this in mind when working on tasks such as sitting and heeling, and be sure to reward your puppy with praise for obedience and good behavior.

    Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital and Your New Puppy

    Puppy-expert, Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital inPuppy With Vet Simi Valley, is located off of Erringer Road. Our veterinary clinic services the Ventura County area, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and Chatsworth, among others.

    Contact us at Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital for your first puppy appointment to receive the following services:

    All you need is your puppy’s paperwork, a leash, and a stool sample for testing. For the best puppy care in California, trust Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital. We look forward to meeting your newest addition to your family and ensuring your puppy’s happy life.

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