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  • Cat Eye Problem

    The Solution to Your Cat’s Eye Problems in Simi Valley

    The eye of every living thing is one of the most important yet delicate parts of that organism. This is why care should be taken to avoid issues that might lead to blindness. The eyes of a cat are one of its distinct features. It is normally clear and bright with captivating colors of brown, blue, or green.  However, sometimes you may notice a discharge or cloudiness; this could be a sign that something is wrong. Below are some of the most common problems that could occur in your cat’s eye.

    Different Eye Problems in Cats

    When you notice that your cat constantly rubs its eyes or blinks or even squints, it can be as a result of any of the following eye problems.

    • Conjunctivitis ( Commonly known as “Pink Eye”): This occurs in both animals and humans. It occurs when there is an infection in the inside of the eyelid (i.e., in the pink lining) or on the outside eye. The symptoms are swollen and red eyes, colored and thick discharge from the eye. The eye problem is transmittable. It can spread from cats to cats or even humans to cats and vice versa.
    • Blepharitis: This simply means inflammation of the eyelids of a cat. It is caused when any of the eyelids in the cat folds into the eye and touches the eye. The Himalayan and Persian breeds of cats are more likely to suffer from this eye problem because their faces are flat and they have folded skins. Blepharitis can also be caused by allergic reactions, infections, inflammatory disorders, tumors, or even birth abnormalities. It is very important to see the vet doctor ascertain the real cause.
    • Inflamed Cornea (Keratitis): The cornea is the transparent part of the eye that covers the pupil and iris. This part can become inflamed and thus could cause a serious problem leading to pain and even blindness if it is not treated on time.
    • Ulcer in the Cornea: An ulcer in the cornea may occur as a result of a tear or scratch on the cornea. This would cause the eye to become red, and you would notice a discharge coming out of the cat’s eye.
    • Cataracts: As your cat gets older, its eyes may develop cataracts which would cause the eye lens to become cloudy. When this happens, it may be difficult for light to enter the eye, and it would lead to vision impairment or eventual blindness.
    • Glaucoma: When the eye of your eye is healthy, fluid moves normally into and out of the eye from the back of the eye. Sometimes, the fluid may build up, and this would increase the pressure of the eye leading to eye damage.

    How to Treat Eye Problem

    If you notice the symptoms of any of the following eye problems in your cat’s eyes, here are some of the treatments your veterinary doctor might recommend.

    • Conjunctivitis (Commonly known as “Pink Eye”): The vet would first examine your cat’s eye to determine the exact problem. Antibiotics would be prescribed together with eye ointment or drops to treat the inflammation.
    • Blepharitis: The recommended treatments for this might be using either eye drops and warm compress, immunosuppressant drugs, or sometimes carrying out an eye surgery.
    • Inflamed Cornea (Keratitis): The vet would test the eye to know the virus or bacteria causing the problem. The treatment may be aimed at relieving the pain or fighting the microorganism.
    • Ulcer in the Cornea: If the ulcer is mild, the vet might prescribe pain relief or eye drops. For deeper ulcers, surgery may be required.
    • Cataracts: The main treatment plan for cataracts is surgery.
    • Glaucoma: After discovering the root cause, your veterinarian would start a treatment plan to treat and control the underlying medical problem. Surgery might be recommended if the problem cannot be managed.

    Ways of Keeping your Cat’s Eye Healthy

    The following are ways you can help your cat have a healthy eye:

    • Carrying out regular vaccinations
    • Frequent check of the eyes for cloudiness, color or shape change, light sensitivity, discharge, or redness.
    • Taking your cat for regular vet appointments.
    • If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your cat, it is important to see a vet immediately because little issues can develop into something very serious.

    Visit Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital for Solution to your Cat Eye Problem

    If you suspect that your cat’s Cat Eye Problem Treatment eyes have any issue, even briefly, veterinary care is very important to make sure the problem does not result in something worse. Your cat should be immediately brought to Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. We are located in Simi Valley, CA, and our veterinary care extends to the neighboring areas of Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, Moorpark, and areas nearby Ventura County. Call us today to give your cat the best and most comprehensive care.

    posted on October 8, 2022 at 6:51 pm by Doctor Ron