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  • Tips for Good Dental Health in Cats

    Cat owners definitely love their little felines. The animals are best buddies and sources of great entertainment and affection. Anyone who owns a cat has to keep in mind the health of their pet. Cats are susceptible to diseases and unhealthy conditions that can seriously affect their behavior and possibly even cause death. The dental health of a cat is just as important as any other part of the animal’s body. Owners have to be on the watch out for any problems.
    Bad breath is a common indicator of dental problems but too often people will only watch for that. There are other symptoms of the cat having trouble. The gums of a cat should not be red but pink. Tartar stains suggests some dental problems and definitely any sign of the gums being swollen are indications of an unhealthy cat. Other indications of trouble may include drooling and just problems with chewing. The swollen gums are by themselves a very serious situation because it may suggest that there may be other problems, including feline immunodeficiency virus. Cat owners to take these signs seriously and to keep a tabby’s dental health in good order, there are a few preventive health care tips to follow.

    Cat and toothbrush

    Developing a steady habit of teeth brushing when the cat is a kitten is a very positive tip. There are dental products on the market that can be used in brushing the teeth. Starting early allows the cat to be comfortable with regular brushing. Included in the brushing should be a very gentle massage of the gums to help strengthen them. Just as human have mouthwashes there are dental products that can help reduce the buildup of tartar on the cat’s teeth. These come in the form of supplements that can be included in the cat’s water. The owner does have to make certain that the cat drinks the supplemented water to experience its full benefit.
    The cat’s diet is definitely related to dental health. Cat owners are ordinarily very vigilant about what type of food is given to their little pet, and only healthy food should be given to a cat. The owner must be aware of the symptoms of food allergies. However, the same owners may not be careful about the little treats given to the cat for good behavior or other reasons. It is a smart idea for owners to buy only those treats that are also able to control tartar buildup in the mouth. Dogs are not the only animals that benefit from having bones. Cats are carnivores and beef bones can be a part of the diet. What these sturdy bones will do is help keep tartar under control as well as help maintain the teeth of the cat. Bones that might splinter should never be given to any pet. Playtime is also a chance to practice good feline oral hygiene. Soft chew toys are the preferable playthings because they will not cause cracks or chips in the teeth.

    Tartar Buildup

    Dental health should be part of any standard trip to the veterinarian. Veterinarians can spot the problems that are developing and take immediate action to prevent things from getting more serious. The office of the veterinarian might also sell the type of dental products that can help maintain dental health on a daily basis. Any suggestions that a veterinarian has to provide for the cat’s oral hygiene is wisdom well received by any owner. The best advice is going to include a routine observation of the cat’s oral condition. Any of the warning signs mentioned above are not to be treated lightly. They are indications that a trip to the vet for diagnosis of the cat is something that needs to be done as soon as possible. Owners must keep in mind that delays in such a visit will lead to problems that include loss of teeth. That can have a very detrimental effect on the overall health of the cat, because dental problems will make it more difficult to adequately chew on the food they need to stay healthy.
    Pet owners agonize when their little friends are sick. There is nothing more distressing than to have a pet in pain because of a physical condition. Anyone who has a cat ought to take the time to check on dental hygiene, and begin a daily practice of brushing the cat’s teeth. These little guys provide an awful lot of love and company for their owners. Keeping a close eye on their dental health will keep them purring for years.

    posted on July 11, 2014 at 5:31 pm by Doctor Ron