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  • Tips to Choose the Best Pet for Your Kid

    A young child and a pet seem to be an almost irresistible combination. It is the stuff of Norman Rockwell paintings and has a real sentimental value to it. That is great but it is not always reality. Pets and children are supposed to be able to mingle but that does not always happen. It is important to match the child up with the right type of pet.

    Baby With A Dog


    Have a dog not a puppy

    Regarding dogs, a bad combination is a puppy and a small child. Puppies are cute but they are not toys and little children sometimes don’t seem to understand that. If you are going to have a dog, then it would be better to have one that is a few months old instead of one that is a few weeks old. The chances of unintentional injury to the dog are that much lower. It is also smart to have a larger breed of dog such as a Labrador Retriever around a young child. These type of dogs are larger and still have a very affectionate side to them. If a child happens to have allergies the Bichon and the Kerry Blue Terrier are both dogs, which produce less danger than others.

    Questions to consider before purchasing a pet

    Medium to large sized dogs have a reputation for being incredibly patient with children. It is important to make sure of who the breeder is and be careful about any dog purchased from a pet shop (these could be products of kennel factories so by all means check the papers). Cats are pleasant, but they are not as accommodating as a German Shepherd. In other words, cats will scratch or bite if the play gets a little bit out of hand. Just as with dogs, there are breeds of cats that have a greater tolerance for children. Persians come to mind almost immediately as the kind of playmates your children would enjoy.

    Other options for a nice pet

    There are other animals that can be nice pets for your kids and you shouldn’t restrict yourself to cats and dogs. Guinea pigs happen to be very low maintenance pets. They are cuddly, but are also fairly fragile. This means that you should be supervising your child whenever he or she is playing with the pet guinea pig. These are animals with delicate bone structures and being dropped can cause some serious physical harm. Tell your child not to carry a guinea pig around because of that. Birds can make good pets but should be kept in their cages. These are not pets that a child should play with. Parakeets make nice child friendly buddies, however your kid should be careful about putting a finger in the cage. Birds can bite and you do not want that to happen.

    Check whether your child is ready or not!

    Child Playing With Dog

    These are all pets that can be around children. A very important question to ask is whether or not your child is ready to handle an animal. A toddler may not be a good candidate for a pet because the baby may be too rough on the animal. Your child should be able to play safely with any dog or cat, and not do anything that would intentionally harm the animal. You need to constantly remind your little guy or girl not to hurt their pet. Even a dog has its limits and if a child does something too painful, that animal will react sharply. The best strategy is to be close by as your son or daughter gets used to playing with a new pet. You can supervise what is being done and gently correct your kid if play gets a little bit too rough. Emphasize that nobody wants to hurt the new member of the family.

    Take little care & have patience

    Pets are fun but they also can be expensive. You do not want to have an accident happen in which the animal is hurt. It also is true that an animal that has been hurt is a devastating shock to a child. It may have been an accident but these accidents are preventable. You want to talk to your child before the animal is purchased so that he or she understands the importance of the new family member. Going over some routine chores such as feeding the animal and giving it the right amount of exercise will help prepare for that big day when the pet comes home. It is definitely true that watching children play with their pet is one of the most heartwarming domestic scenes you could possibly want. With a little care and patience, a partnership between child and pet that will last for years can develop.

    posted on March 5, 2015 at 12:38 pm by Doctor Ron