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  • Too Much Love May Harm Your Pet Than Help

    Your dog or cat is a very important part of your life. This little animal is your best friend and very much a member of your family. Consequently, you give it as much love and attention as possible. That is the sign of a good owner if it is not taken to the extreme. Believe it or not, you have to be very careful about how much love you bestow on your pet.

    Dog & its owner

    Human foods are not for pets

    You may be killing your little friend without actually realizing it is what you were doing. Perhaps the biggest mistake is to feed your pet from the table. The food that humans enjoy and want to share with their pets may be too rich or fatty. Such treats may be very difficult for your pet to digest. Food you enjoy eating may contain toxins that your pet body cannot deal with. Chocolate is considered a very dangerous treat to give to any dog. Certain breeds of dogs and cats cannot tolerate certain foods. You have to be careful or you may cause your pet to become violently ill.

    Make sure your pet do some activity

    Animals need exercise and should not be allowed to just lie around the house. As the owner, you have to make sure that your dog or cat get some activity. Even if it seems like your little darling does not want to do more than lay around the house, you have to get them to be busy. Inactivity does not just lead to obesity. It can also weaken the heart of your pet.

    Put your pet in a secure place during trips

    An owner sometimes feels guilty about having his or her little animal in a cage while on trips. It isn’t the problem you imagine it might be. It is actually a way of keeping your pet safe. Accidents will happen, and a sudden stop can send your pet right into the windshield or dashboard. It is more important to have them in a secure place with perhaps a toy to keep them occupied.

    Maintain positive reinforcement

    Animals are conditioned by the sound of tone of your voice. While you have an urge to yell at your pet, you may accidentally be reinforcing behavior that is a not safe. Positive reinforcement would be a lot safer in the long run.

    Food prevention methods

    Prevention is something that will help. You have to keep all candy in a tightly sealed container, and preferably in the cupboard. This will prevent your little friend from eating something that will be harmful to their health. Never leave food lying around because it is an invitation for your dog to get a snack. On the topic of diet, remember that your pet is a carnivore and a vegan diet is the last thing it needs. Be very careful about giving your dog a bone to chew on. Bones, especially chicken bones, can shatter and cause internal injuries. It is possible that your dog may break a tooth on a bone that is too tough. It is safer to have a rubber bone to gnaw on instead.

    Never avoid your pet’s annual checkup

    Pet With Child

    Some owners will resist annual trips to the vet because it might cause the pet some pain. The most important appointment you can make is the annual checkup at the veterinarian office. This allows your pet to be checked for any possible problems. Being able to capture an ailment in the beginning is the best way to stop it from becoming serious.


    You do love your pet and want the very best for it. Affection is great but you are still the owner. There are other ways of showing love than giving a treat or allowing your pet to just nap all day. A wonderful display of love is seeing to it that your animal is healthy and free from any disease. It is not that difficult to accomplish. However, you always have to remember that there is a boundary of love beyond which you cannot cross. At no time should the pet be treated as if it were a human being; it is not. A regular schedule of annual checkups at the veterinarian office is absolutely critical. You may discover there that are certain parts of your pet’s diet has to be changes, and the veterinarian can prescribe medicine and suggest the right type of food. Always keep in mind the limit to which you can extend your love. It is a way of keeping your little friend healthy.

    posted on July 2, 2016 at 4:51 am by Doctor Ron