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  • Trusted Cat Kidney Failure Treatment in Simi Valley

    Our beloved animals are a huge part of our lives. They are trusted companions, they are resilient, and yet they need us to care for them as much as we need them. When a pet becomes ill, it can be emotionally traumatic and stressful. Maintaining composure in these difficult times is what they are relying on us for. Part of fulfilling that reliance means finding exceptional animal health care professionals that understand the undying love you have for your pet and vow to dedicate their time to finding a solution to the problem. In Simi Valley, California, there are few trusted veterinary hospitals and clinics that can offer trusted dedication and professionalism in caring for your pets. Some animals, particularly cats, can live exceptionally long lives; troublesome health occurrences are bound to come up from time to time. A most frequently diagnosed issue among older cats is kidney failure. In cats particularly, the symptoms of kidney failure can be alarming and cause pet owners to panic. Before panic takes over the decision-making process, it is best to seek out professional advice from several sources. In Simi Valley, you can easily find a quality pet care facility that you can trust with your pet’s health.

    Veterinarian Checking Cat

    Routine vet appointment is essential

    Some cases of kidney failure in cats are relatively treatable. Acute renal failure and chronic renal failure are the two types of kidney diseases seen in cats. Having your cat’s blood work and urine analyzed semi-regularly can help catch the disease in the earlier stages, where it is easier to regulate and treat. There are several ways that this disease may manifest, and therefore, several ways that it can be prevented. While certain types of cats are more genetically predisposed to kidney failure, preventive measures are a good way to stay on top of potential health issues to avoid more serious illnesses from occurring. Again, going to several routine vet appointments each year for blood work is the best preventive measure to take. The more often you visit your veterinarian, the more likely it is that a health condition such as kidney failure can be recognized.

    Find a trusted professional vet

    Simi Valley houses veterinary clinics that have been in practice for over ten years, that specialize in feline health and can quickly diagnose and begin treating instances of kidney failure. Some of the diagnosable signs may be increased drinking of water, weight loss, and vomiting. Unfortunately, there are other clinical diagnoses that mirror these symptoms, so it is best to leave the diagnosis to professionals. Although expert veterinarians are qualified to formally diagnose and treat, the pet owner is the first-hand witness of alarming symptoms and should be alert to any worrisome behaviors. Finding a trusted professional that can take on a challenging diagnosis such as kidney failure is the most important course of action a pet owner can take to move the process in a productive direction.

    Correct diagnostic is imperative

    While this process can be difficult and distressing, there is hope. Finding a clinic that you can trust to treat your pet for kidney failure is not a lost cause; in surrounding areas, many pet owners travel to Simi Valley to seek out professional help under these circumstances. When a cat’s kidneys are unable to perform adequately, this puts the animal at risk and in need of immediate treatment. Treatment options range, depending on what type of kidney failure your cat has been diagnosed with and what the cause may be. Your veterinarian may prescribe a particular type of food and supplements for the cat, and they may administer fluid, medications, and/or antibiotics. In certain cases, for instance in the occurrence of kidney stones, surgery may be the best initial form of treatment.

    Cat Surgery

    Final words

    While cat’s diagnosed with chronic kidney failure are usually expected to have a shorter period of life, this does not mean that treatment cannot help. In chronic kidney failure, the degenerative process can be decelerated, giving you more time with your pet. It is the responsibility of clinics and professionals in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas to uphold their excellent reputations in pet care by enhancing the quality of life for all animals, particularly in situations where an animal’s life may be at risk.

    posted on April 10, 2017 at 10:33 am by Doctor Ron