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  • Understand What Your Cat is Saying

    Cats are incredible beings, which explains how their relationship with humans has perpetuated for centuries on end. Cats are intelligent, and intellectual beings; they communicate in what sometimes seems like obvious ways that let us, the humans, know what it is they really want from us. If you are both awe-struck and confused by your cat’s behavior, you may want to consider the reasoning behind their actions. Cats are skilled at getting what they want from humans; in fact, at times it seems like they are the owners and we are the dutiful servants at their beck and call. It’s not always easy figuring out what our cats are trying to tell us, and can be quite frustrating when they have run a muck all around your house driving you mad all day. There’s no doubt that cats have personality for days, and true cat lovers admire their unique sense of humor. You may be wondering: how can I decipher what my cat is trying to say to me? The answer is not always simple; however, you must become more fluent in the language that cats use in order to better understand them.

    Cat Owner & Cat Having Fun

    They have the habit of interrupting

    One of the most persistently annoying cat behaviors is their need to interrupt whatever it is you’re doing. If you have a project laid out on the floor, you better believe they will lay in the middle of it. If you are working on your laptop, there is a strong possibility that they will want to come lay right on the keyboard. Why, do you ask? Well, the answer is usually a combination of a few different explanations. Firstly, they may just want your undivided attention; they notice that you are distracted by whatever is directly in front of you, and they will interfere however they can in order to take center stage back. While cats are wildly independent creatures, they still love to be pet and doted on. They may also love whatever material it is that you are working with. For instance, if you have your laptop out cats are drawn to the warmth that it radiates—they want to lay on it because it resembles sunbathing. Another explanation for interrupting your task is that they just love the feeling of the material beneath them, such as an array of crinkly papers or a bouncy keyboard.

    Butt flash: Don’t take it so personally

    Another frequent behavior that cats display to us may be less cute, and more odd to us: the butt flash. When your cat raises its tail and puts its rear-end in your face, they are really giving you an incredible compliment. Cats typically don’t trust just anyone; you have to earn their trust. If you have developed a relationship with a cat, or come across an especially friendly cat, you may notice this behavior becoming quite common. Generally cats only display this type of behavior to other cats that they are fond of—so when it’s directed toward you, it is safe to say that you are on their short list of friends, which is an honor in the cat world. So, next time that butt is in your face, try not to take it so personally!

    Cat Reading English Book

    They want to grab attention

    Another way that cats try to communicate to us may be a little more annoying, and a little less endearing. When cats are bored, frustrated, or tired of waiting for you to pay attention to them, they tend to take action into their own hands and force attention—good or bad. Sometimes cats will look right at you before they just onto a shelf and knock over your favorite glass figurine. This is no coincidence; they are attempting to get you to, at the very least, look in their direction. Although this may sound like the deliberate misbehaving of a toddler learning right from wrong, it is your cat’s way of vying for your attention. They know that the sound the object makes when it hits the floor will grab your attention, and cause you to get up from wherever you are. This can be aggravating to cat owners, but keep in mind that they don’t have the luxury of human language. Next time you’re trying to figure out what it is that your cat wants from you, keep an eye out for those attention-seeking behaviors.

    posted on May 30, 2017 at 10:44 am by Doctor Ron