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  • What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs

    When your dog licks your face, you will know right away whether or not the puppy has bad breath. It is something that can reduce the amount of quality time you have with your animal, because bad breath is not a very pleasant thing to smell. Your dog can’t help it because he or she eats what you put in the dinner bowl. If it smells bad, it probably is going to be reflected in your dog’s breath. Dog food is not the only source of a bad odor.

    Dog Nose

    Sources of bad breath

    Dogs will sometimes eat their feces. That by itself is going to cause some rather severe bad breath. Canine halitosis may be a symptom of serious medical problems. Sugar diabetes or gastrointestinal problems may cause bad breath in your pet’s mouth. There are possible respiratory problems such as inflammation of the nasal passages. It also may be the case there is a bacterial infection inside your dog’s digestive tract. There is possibly inflammation of the throat or the tonsils. Bad breath can also be a warning sign that cancer is somewhere in the body. These are all very drastic causes for bad breath, but the most common cause is a periodontal disease brought on by poor dental care.

    Take necessary steps

    Bleeding gums and a brownish color to the teeth are signs of periodontal disease. That same problem can lead to additional health issues such as kidney damage. There are some other oral diseases such as gingival hyperplasia, which is gum overgrowth. Any of these conditions can be the starting of more severe health problems. A pet owner has to take a proactive stance. Just hoping the problem goes away is not going to help.

    Tips to handle Tartar

    Bad breath in your pooch can is manageable. The first way to do this is to check the dinner bowl. This dish has to be cleaned, and it needs doing at least once a day. The water bowl outside has to be looked at carefully, and it is important the water bowl is cleaned as well. The tartar on the dog’s teeth can be handled with the right type of chew toys. These will scrape built up plaque off of the teeth as well as exercise the jaw muscles. Raw hemp and reindeer antler make the best chew toys. It is a smart idea to stay away from bones. These could crack a dog’s tooth, causing severe pain and dental problems.

    Healthy and balanced diet can help

    A healthy diet is an obvious way of keeping bad breath away from your dog’s mouth. Too many pet owners think that meat is all that is necessary, and that is not true. What your dog needs is a balanced diet that has vegetables included on the menu. Try to see to it that the animal has specific times for feeding. What remains in the dog’s dinner bowl is a breeding ground for bacteria which will cause plaque. It is a smart idea also to watch and be sure that the bowl is clean and rinsed after dinner is over. You can offer a variety treats that are tasty and do not cause bad breath. They can include apples, carrots, and sweet potato bits. Your dog like these and they help keep teeth clean.

    Make dental hygiene a routine activity

    Dental hygiene is something you should make part of your pet’s routine activity. Brushing the teeth and flossing is not just for humans. Your dog needs them as well. You may feel more comfortable having the veterinary do this work, and that is not a problem. The veterinarian can do an oral check to be sure there is no other problem in the mouth. In fact, a mouth check should be as routine as any other visit to the doctor’s office.

    Teeth & Mouth Of A Dog


    Bad breath can build a small wall between you and your best buddy. Halitosis also can signal some serious problems. You can control bad breath in your pet by being observant. Teeth that are starting to show brownish color need to be taken care of quickly. Chew toys you provide should be the best kind recommended. Making sure that bad breath is not a problem is all part of the activity you must perform with the little friend. Your dog cannot do this alone and relies on you. If you are conscientious and pay close attention to oral health, you’ll notice that the bad breath problem has gone away.

    posted on June 14, 2016 at 1:19 pm by Doctor Ron