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  • What Does Your Dog’s Sleeping Positions Reveal?

    There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your dog curl up and take a nap. Their beautiful eyes are rested, their breathing is heavy and slow, and they’re calm and relaxed. This makes for cute photo opportunities and even moments to get things done around the home.

    Dog in Wrapped in a Ball Position

    Much like humans, body language can tell us a lot about how our dogs are feeling at the moment. This is also evident in how they sleep. If you have ever wondered what your dog’s sleeping patterns are saying about them, this article is perfect for you. By understanding these sleeping patterns, you will be able to give your dog the love and attention they need to feel more comfortable.

    Sleeping on Their Side

    This is one of the most popular positions of a tired dog. If you see them sleeping on their side with their paws facing outward, this means they are extremely comfortable with the world around them. In addition, they aren’t afraid to show their owners their comfort level. This is a clear indication of a dog that is low-maintenance and easy going.

    Wrapped in a Ball

    Arguably, this is one of the cutest sleeping positions. This involves their paws being neatly tucked underneath their body and their head facing their tail, often times touching. When your dog is sleeping in this way, they are trying to conserve their body heat. They may be a little cold or in need of reassurance. They may be comfortable but slightly insecure, as they are protecting their most vulnerable areas, such as their stomach. It is fine to leave your dog in this position, especially if they are sleeping soundly. You may just want to give them a warm blanket or turn the heat up a notch.

    Sprawled Out

    When your pup is laying on their stomach with their back legs out, this may give the illusion of flying in the air. This may be comfortable for dogs who get overheated easily as it gives them an opportunity to cool down their stomach. In addition, where they are facing has a lot to do with how they are feeling. If they are facing you, they may feel like they have to protect you. If your dog is facing the door or another area of the home, this could be an indication that they want to go out or want a treat. The frequency of this position also depends on the breed. Corgis are known for this, affectionately called a “sploot,” and it is thought that the stretching of their hind legs feels good.

    Ears Perched

    Sometimes your dog may sleep with her ears on high alert while laying on her stomach. This means she’s trying to relax, but she’s on guard. She may be trying to sleep but she heard faint sounds in the distance or a neighbors dog barking. Often times, your pup isn’t really asleep during this time. They are resting while remaining alert, should they need to step in and rescue you.


    If your dog sleeps with his belly exposed, he is most comfortable in the environment that he is in. Dogs are by nature protective. This means they will protect themselves in the event of danger. Therefore, it’s good to reassure your dog when you see him sprawled out this way. It makes him feel confident in his place and his peace and reassures him that he doesn’t have to be on guard.

    Sleeping With Rampant Movement

    If your pup is asleep but barking and running, they are more than likely dreaming about that squirrel they passed on their afternoon walk or that yellow ball they saw on television. If your dog is barking and trembling, it is best to calmly soothe them by speaking to them to wake them gently. Just like humans, dogs can have bad dreams and can be reassured calmly.

    Dog Checkup

    Consult a Professional

    If your pup is having trouble sleeping or you want to know practical ways to them sleep better, consult with your healthcare professional. If you’re searching for a reliable place to bring your furry friend, try Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital & Emergency. We proudly serve animals in the Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth communities and the areas nearby Ventura County. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure you and your dog have the tools you need to live a happy and productive life.

    posted on October 16, 2019 at 6:50 am by Doctor Ron