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  • Healthy Dog

    You Want to Keep Your Dog Healthy, So Ask Us for the Best Recommendations

    Dogs are commonly said to be man’s best friend, and they may be an excellent addition to any household. Studies have shown that dogs make exceptional companions, and they also boost human health.

    Being a responsible dog owner entails a variety of responsibilities. To keep our dogs disease-free, they require frequent treatments in addition to exercise, a healthy diet, love, and care. This is good for their health as well as the health of the individuals they live with.

    Whether you are a seasoned pet parent or a novice, your canine companion’s health is vital. Let’s look at how best you can care for them.

    Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Healthy

    Proper Nutrition and Hydration

    Like human hearts, a healthy diet is beneficial to your dog’s heart. The nutrition of your dog should be well-balanced. Feeding your dog with the right amount and type of food keeps it at a healthy weight, which is one of the easiest methods to avoid obesity-related problems and lengthen its lifespan.

    A balanced diet of high-quality food may typically cover a dog’s nutritional requirements. However, a veterinarian’s advice should be sought to determine if any supplements are required. Also, regularly providing your dog with fresh and clean water free of debris will keep them well hydrated.


    Regular walks, hiking, fetching, and swimming may help keep your pet physically healthy and active. Dogs require exercise to expend calories, keep their minds stimulated, and maintain their health.

    Many dog owners misjudge the amount of activity their dogs need to be healthy and happy. Excess energy in a bored dog might lead to destructive behavior and, this might lead to separation anxiety or other behavioral issues being diagnosed. Unwanted conduct is sometimes the outcome of surplus energy rather than a real behavioral disorder. Dogs require one to two hours of exercise each day on average; however, this varies by breed, size, and age.

    Regular Check-Ups

    Annual vaccines and wellness checks offer your veterinarian the best chance to undertake several health screenings that can lead to early disease diagnosis and the discovery of warning symptoms of serious illness. A general physical examination helps ensure that any concerning symptoms are detected before they become problematic.

    Oral Hygiene

    It is easy to overlook your dog’s teeth until a whiff of sour breath catches your attention. Bad breath in dogs is not natural, contrary to common belief. It indicates oral disorders. Plaque and tartar build-up can cause a variety of health issues. Brushing your dog’s teeth, using oral rinses, feeding dental treats, or all of the above are all options, but make sure you do some of these. It’s essential not to wait until dental problems jeopardize your dog’s health. Seeking professional help and an appointment with a veterinarian for cleaning is advised on occasions.

    Regular grooming

    Grooming is not limited to show or fancy dogs. All dogs require some level of essential physical maintenance. In general, the grooming requirements of your dog will be determined by its breed. However, due to health issues such as allergies, your dog may require extra attention. Monthly nail trim and a coat wash will benefit the ordinary dog. Brush your short-haired dog’s coat once or twice a week. Brushing long-haired dogs daily is recommended. Dogs with a lot of hair may need to be groomed every four to six weeks.

    Preventive medicine

    The yearly physical inspection for your dog usually includes vaccinations, flea control, and routine deworming. Rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and Lyme disease are dangerous and often fatal illnesses that can be prevented with regular immunizations.

    Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital And Emergency For Your Dog’s Care

    Keeping unhealthy canines is likely Vet Checking Dogto impact your health negatively. Keeping them healthy may appear to be time-consuming and tasking. As such, it is best to seek professional help to avoid complicating the process. At Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospitals and Emergency, we relieve your worry by providing you with high-quality and exceptional treatment for your pet friend.

    We have been providing exceptional pet care in Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, and Ventura County areas for over 19 years. We offer puppy care, surgery, preventative health care, nutritional counseling, dental treatment, dermatology, senior pet care, microchipping, and more. Call us today for an appointment!

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