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When you’re looking for the best vet in Chatsworth, you’re not just looking for someone who has experience in the veterinary field, but also for someone who can be attentive and sensitive to the needs of your dog.

Any animal hospital in Chatsworth that you choose for your dog is going to be made up of a team of veterinarians and other animal-care professionals. You want to feel secure that they can work as a team and keep the best interests of you and your dog in mind.

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When looking for a veterinarian in Chatsworth, have a checklist in your mind of the kinds of things you expect from a veterinarian and the style of care you're looking for. Many people want to ensure the safety of their dog, but don't know what they're looking for. Questions you should ask include:

  • Do I feel comfortable in this facility?
  • Is this space clean, well-lit, and organized?
  • How many vets are on staff?
  • Will I be able to call in to get information on my dog's treatments if they are here overnight?
  • Is this vet involved in the community at large?
  • Is this animal hospital AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited?
  • Do the office hours of this hospital work with my schedule?
  • What is the average wait time for non-emergency visits for this animal hospital?
  • Necessary vaccines or vaccine boosters
  • Are the fees of this hospital within my budget range?

This kind of attention to detail and management you need from an animal hospital will help you to make better decisions about your dog's health in the long run. Trust your instincts: not every vet is the right one for every dog. Be sure to ask about questions related to your specific breed of dog as well as questions about what kind of dogs they've taken care of in the past, and their level of comfort with your dog in particular. When looking for a 24 hr vet in Chatsworth, be sure to pay attention to vet techs and assistants while you tour the facilities, as these people are very frequently involved in day to day tasks associated with dogs that require medical care and attention. They are also frequently the first responders when an emergency is admitted. Above all, remember that it's your choice, and that you are the ultimate authority on who your dogs sees or doesn't see. If something doesn't feel right, you can choose a different vet. When you know what vet you want, you'll know. When looking for your regular vet or an emergency vet in Chatsworth, check out Dr. Rons Animal Hospital and Emergency we are only 10 minutes outside of Chatsworth. We treat your pets, like our own.

Call us for an appointment or visit our offices today. Our team of veterinary professionals are standing by to answer your questions and provide an outstanding level of care for your new family member.