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Don’t risk your pets life to chance, Get Them Microchipped Today!

Our veterinarians recommend pet identification microchippingas an integral part of Dr. Ron's Animal Hospital's wellness program. This simple, painless procedure installs a tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, under your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. If he or she is ever lost, microchipping provides a safe, effective way to help your pet make it home safely. Once the microchip is inserted, it permanently remains in place and your pet is identified for life. Microchips are safe, unalterable and permanent identification for pets of all sizes.

Dr. Ron's Animal Hospital strongly recommends microchipping all animals. In the event they are separated from you, it may be your only means of being reunited with them.

Each tiny microchip is encoded with unique information about your pet. This information is entered into a national database. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters across the country are equipped with special scanners capable of detecting and reading microchips. If your pet is lost, his or her microchip is scanned and the information is used to reunite you and your best friend.

You can visit the AVMA's website and the Home Again website to learn more about some of the most frequently asked questions about microchipping.

You can also use the Pet Microchip Lookup web site to find a pet's owners based on the microchip number, independent of the microchipping company.

For families and pet owners in Simi Valley, Chatsworth, Thousand Oaks and Moorpark please contact us today to have your pet microchipped for immediate peace of mind. Contact us today for the latest information on microchip placement and lost pet recovery, we have helped thousands of pet owners find and keep track of their animals in times of crisis.

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