• What Does Your Dog’s Sleeping Positions Reveal?

    Posted on October 16, 2019 by devdrronwpuser
    There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your dog curl up and take a nap. Their beautiful eyes are rested, their breathing is heavy and slow, and they’re calm and relaxed. This makes for cute photo opportunities and even moments to get things done around the home. Much like humans, body language can tell us a lot about how our dogs are feeling at the moment. This is also evident in how they sleep. If you have ever wondered what your dog’s sleeping patterns are saying about them, this article is perfect… Read More
  • Tricks to Bathe Your Dog Easily

    Posted on March 10, 2017 by devdrronwpuser
    Dogs are a wonderful addition to our families and homes. Despite the love and companionship they bring, they also bring the lovely scent of dog into your home and furniture. Washing your pets regularly is not only crucial in maintaining a clean home, but it is also important for their health. Here are some tips and tricks to washing your dog that will make the process easier and more efficient. Choose skin-friendly toiletries Selecting a shampoo that is best for your dog’s skin and coat-type is the first step in… Read More